How to Raise Testosterone Levels Quickly: 8 Natural Ways

How to Raise Testosterone Levels Quickly

When the androgen hormone testosterone begins to decline, it is helpful to know how to raise testosterone levels quickly to avoid any unwanted symptoms from interfering with your life.

Optimal levels of testosterone support brain functions, libido and sexual performance, bone density, muscle tone, hair growth, emotional mood, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, metabolism, red blood cell production, and more.

That is why understanding how to raise testosterone levels naturally without turning to medication is helpful.

In the sections below, we look at the top 8 ways to raise testosterone naturally.

8 Natural Ways to Raise Testosterone Levels

First up on our list of 8 natural ways to increase testosterone is the use of vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. To raise testosterone levels with vitamins, it is helpful to get the advice of a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Not all vitamin supplements are created equal, and some can cause serious adverse reactions when taken in too high a dose.

  • 1. The most frequently recommended vitamins and minerals to raise testosterone levels are:
    • Vitamin D – taking roughly 3,000 IU a day of vitamin D 3 may increase testosterone up to 25%
    • Zinc – is essential for testosterone production
    • B vitamins – it is not just B 12 that the body needs, but a combination of all B vitamins
  • 2. The following herbs may also help boost testosterone levels:
    • Ashwagandha
    • Ginger
    • Tongkat Ali
    • Fenugreek
    • Saw Palmetto
    • Tribulus Terrestris
  • 3. Another method that works is to raise testosterone levels with food. What you eat can either hinder or help testosterone production.

Foods that decrease testosterone levels include:

  • Sugar
  • White carbohydrates such as bread
  • Deep fried, fatty foods
  • Processed foods laden with chemicals

Foods that increase testosterone levels include:

  • Extra virgin olive and coconut oils
  • Avocados, nuts, seeds
  • Lean protein and grassfed beef
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – organic when possible
  • Drink at least one cup of green tea each day

Five other things you can do when looking for how to raise testosterone levels quickly are:

  • 4. Get enough sleep at night – the body requires a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine hours of sleep for proper hormone production
  • 5. Resistance training, weight lifting, and high-intensity interval treating is your best bet for increasing testosterone levels
  • 6. Ditch the stress – increased stress raises cortisol levels, which, in turn, decreases the amount of testosterone and growth hormone that the body can produce
  • 7. Lose weight – carrying around excess pounds, especially around our midsection, can decrease testosterone levels while increasing estrogen and causing a condition called estrogen dominance
  • 8. Intermittent Fasting – eat during a twelve-hour time frame each day and fast for the other twelve

Best Way for Women to Raise Testosterone Levels

You are a woman wondering how to raise testosterone levels quickly because you are tired of feeling tired, unaroused, foggy-headed, and depressed.

After reading up on the symptoms of Low T, you realize that this may be the reason why menopause is affecting you worse than many of your friends. From night sweats to hot flashes, memory loss to mood swings, weight gain to vaginal dryness, low testosterone could be to blame.

Luckily, the best ways to increase testosterone levels in females are the ones listed in the previous section.

No, you do not have to lift heavy weights to increase your testosterone, but exercise will help boost hormone production while burning fat.

Drinking green tea, consuming healthy fats (your body needs fat to produce cholesterol – the source for hormone production), getting enough sleep, and reducing stress will all benefit your testosterone production.

Finally, if your testosterone levels are already lower than what your body needs for proper functioning, a hormone replacement therapy specialist here at Kingsberg Medical can prescribe testosterone cream to safely increase the amount of testosterone you have in your bloodstream.

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How Males can Raise Testosterone Levels Quickly

Most men have heard about testosterone replacement therapy. They either know someone who has already benefited from this treatment or have at least read about it or seen a report on television about the many positive benefits of TRT.

The best way to increase testosterone levels in males is a customized protocol of testosterone therapy. If you have already tried the methods previously mentioned in this report to no avail, it may be time to try TRT.

Testosterone cypionate injections are the number one choice for the majority of men looking for convenience, affordability, and results. Other options include:

  • testosterone enanthate injections
  • testosterone patches
  • testosterone gel
  • implantable pellets
  • transbuccal testosterone tablets

It is time for you to get the benefits of increased testosterone levels for your health, libido, brain functions, emotional well-being, and youthful, toned looks. Contact Kingsberg Medical for a confidential consultation at no charge. Our hormone specialists are here to help you.