What Are Free Testosterone Levels

Free testosterone levels

Free testosterone levels are the amount of the hormone in the blood that is not attached to proteins. In other words, testosterone comes in two forms; free and total. Most is connected to two different kinds of proteins, but when it is unattached, that is when it is called “free.”

It is important for doctors to test both free and total levels in order to get a full look at a person’s hormonal balance and to be able to decide if levels are not in “normal” range. If free testosterone is not balanced properly, this can create negative symptoms; especially when it comes to sexual traits.

Free testosterone levels are high in a healthy person under 30, but once they reach this age, nature takes over and slows the body. This includes slowing the production of hormone levels.

The below chart is a reference of what the average is for levels of free testosterone in men at 30, 40, 50 and over 60 years old. These numbers are only to be used as a guide, as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinics may have slightly different ranges that they consider to be normal.

AgeAverage Free Testosterone Levels For Men
Over 3010.3 pg/mL
Over 409.1 pg/mL
Over 508.3 pg/mL
Over 606.9 pg/mL

For women, average testosterone ranges should fall between 0.1-6.4 pg/mL, according to many sources.

Any less than or more than these average numbers will be considered to be low levels or high levels of free testosterone. For an example, for a man over 40, if his levels of free testosterone are less than 9.1 ng/mL, he will be considered to have low T for some clinics. If his levels are above 10.3 ng/mL, he will be considered to have high testosterone levels. However, again, these numbers are just an average.

Research has made it clear that free testosterone decreases by about 50% in healthy men from the ages of 25 to 75.

The test to find out what your ranges are is a simple blood test and that will be set up by the clinical advisor at the reputable clinic one chooses. Kingsberg Medical has professionals that will set patients up with laboratories in their home town for safe and accurate testing.

How To Increase Free Testosterone Levels In Men And Women

If free testosterone levels are in a low range, medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy can help to gently put back what is missing with bio-identical injections that are 100 percent pure and safe. A person must be tested, diagnosed and prescribed the right medications by a licensed professional first though in order to have a very safe and successful experience with TRT.

There are other ways to increase levels as well. Firstly, let us look at chart to reference what low, normal and high levels of free testosterone levels look like in men and in women.

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Natural Ways To Increase Free Testosterone Levels In Men And Women

There are several ways that both men and women can increase the quality of their health as well as increase their free testosterone levels at the same time. These are some of the most popular ways:

  • Proper diet

Eating well is a must. One should be consuming high proteins, healthy fats and zinc and staying away from soy and refined sugars.

  • Proper amounts of exercise

Participating in plenty of strength training and plenty of cardio workouts can help increase testosterone levels.

  • Proper amounts of sleep

Getting at least eight hours of deep and restful sleep at night is very important for good health in all ways, including naturally raising free testosterone levels.

  • Reducing stress

Stress has no beneficial factors for anyone, especially one with low T. Learning time management skills, taking time off and learning stress reduction techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation can help.

  • Never smoke

The toxins in cigarette smoke are unhealthy not only in decreasing free testosterone levels, but to the point of being the cause of the shortening of one’s life span.

These healthy habits should be learned and practiced for a lifetime. Combined with TRT, a person can gain back their normal levels of free testosterone and feel great well into their golden years.