Find Out What Is the Best Testosterone on the Market

Best Testosterone on the Market

All too often today people turn to the internet for information that should come from a trained professional. A search for the best testosterone on the market could end up providing the wrong type of information. A person – male or female – who is dealing with a condition called Low T needs medical guidance in finding the right kind of treatment for his or her needs.

This is not the same thing as the muscle guys at the gym who want to use testosterone boosting supplements to help them build stronger, bigger muscles. For them, there are many different over-the-counter supplements to try.

The search for the best testosterone supplement on the market for individuals with Low T is an entirely different story. Low testosterone is a serious medical condition. If left untreated, a person could be at a higher risk for heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, low libido, erectile dysfunction, dementia, osteoporosis, anemia, and more. That is why pharmaceutical testosterone is required for the treatment of Low T.

What is the Best Testosterone for Men?

When a man is diagnosed with low testosterone levels, he may be very quick to ask for the best testosterone on the market. 2016 searches often lead to top 10 lists of over the counter boosters, not real testosterone. The best option he has is to speak with the diagnosing professionals to find out what his own body needs.

There are varying degrees of low testosterone. A man who is just beginning to experience the symptoms associated with this condition may not require testosterone treatment if he can make some lifestyle changes that might help increase his testosterone production. These changes include exercise, dietary alterations, sleep, and limiting stress. Herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other supplements might also help. This should still be guided by the doctor to assure that improvements are being made. Otherwise, treatment might be warranted.

This is not the case for a man whose testosterone levels have dropped to the point where a number of symptoms have already occurred. The body requires the immediate raising of testosterone levels so that it can function properly. That makes the answer to what is the best testosterone product on the market what is recommended by the doctor for one’s specific needs.

In most cases, men with Low T do best with testosterone cypionate injections. This can be in the form of Depo-Testosterone, Watson, or pharmacy compounded injections. Some men may be prescribed testosterone enanthate injections, testosterone patches, or testosterone gels. The reasons for the use of other products will be explained by the doctor following a careful review of blood test results, examination findings, and a detailed medical history report. Choosing the right product will result in the best possible outcome and benefits.

What is the Best Testosterone Product for Women?

The needs of women suffering from Low T are entirely different from those of men. Since a female’s body naturally produces a much lower amount of testosterone, she does not need to supplement with a product that carries the higher dosing level of the injectables and other products as men. For her, the best testosterone on the market is most likely going to be a cream that is compounded by the pharmacy to her exact dosing specifications.

The doctor will determine this in the same way as with men: reviewing blood test, exam, and medical history reports. The severity of a woman’s symptoms will also help determine how much testosterone she should be prescribed.

Unlike estrogen preparations that need to be applied to large areas of the body when prescribed topically, testosterone application is administered in a very small location.

To find out more about what is the best testosterone product on the market for your personal needs, please contact the hormone replacement specialists at Kingsberg Medical for a free and confidential phone consultation. We offer a broad range of products, local testing options, and affordable care to men and women throughout the US.

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