Testosterone Therapy Results Before and After

Before and After Testosterone Therapy It should come to no surprise that one of the first questions our clients ask us is about their anticipated testosterone therapy results. Before and after comparisons, help them get an idea of what to expect. Considerable research into past and current studies have led to the testosterone therapy, before and after timeline we present here. Once one of our Kingsberg Medical hormone doctors diagnoses low testosterone (hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency, Low T), the next step is the prescribing of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Both men and women can reap significant benefits from TRT when used as medically prescribed. The overall testosterone therapy results provided here are roughly the same for females as they are for males. Of course, we will also highlight differences in sexual functions and gender-specific benefits.

What is the best way to document my testosterone replacement therapy results?

We recommend that everyone take testosterone replacement therapy before and after pictures to document their progress. Wearing a bathing suit is helpful as it allows you to see how your body composition changes. For women, we suggest taking photos of your face without makeup. By three months into treatment, most people notice some significant differences in their lean-to fat mass ratio. Not all before and after testosterone therapy benefits are noticeable to the eye. Some can only be felt or experienced. You may not see that your joints no longer hurt, or that you have better focus, but you will feel the effects of these changes as you go through each day. Balanced testosterone levels improve many areas of your daily life.
Document your testosterone therapy before and after results in photos to see how balancing testosterone levels improves your appearance.

Testosterone Therapy Results for Sexual Function

Often considered the male sex hormone, testosterone is just as important for female sexual desire and functions. Testosterone replacement results help increase sexual desire in women, often as early as eight to twelve weeks, based on numerous studies. For those females receiving estrogen therapy, testosterone enhances the effectiveness of the treatment in postmenopausal women. Another benefit not seen in testosterone before and after pictures is an improvement in vaginal lubrication. Often tied to increased estrogen levels, testosterone helps to improve sexual functions via its conversion into the active form of estrogen – estradiol. It is this conversion that helps increases the level of estrogen in a woman’s body more safely than through estrogen therapy. For men who want to know about testosterone injections before and after improvements for their sexual performance, the benefits are significant. Better ejaculations can start as early as two weeks, with improved sexual thoughts, desires, satisfaction, and functions as early as three weeks. One of the most anticipated benefits for many men is the return of their morning erections.
When it comes to sexual satisfaction, testosterone therapy before and after results are seen in men and women.

Testosterone Therapy Results for Your Body

Testosterone results for the body can be both seen and felt. Within a few months, most men and women notice a decline in abdominal and visceral fat. At the same time, increased lean muscle mass highlights better physical tone and definition. Improved body composition is not the only positive change from testosterone treatment. Better hair growth, stronger bones, and better insulin and glucose levels improve overall well-being. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increased red blood cell production benefit circulation and heart health. Lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, and increased muscular strength bring system benefits.
Documenting testosterone therapy before and after in photos shows how the body becomes firmer and stronger by balancing hormone levels.

Testosterone Therapy Results for Your Mind

The stress and anxiety often associated with daily life and responsibilities can influence testosterone levels by increasing cortisol release into the bloodstream. Cortisol opposes testosterone, often inhibiting its secretion. Elevated cortisol inhibits sleep, reducing testosterone production, and leading to weight gain and fatigue. Studies on both women and men have shown that depressive symptoms are frequently associated with lower testosterone concentrations. A review of testosterone before and after use shows a decrease in depressive symptoms similar to that of serotonin reuptake transporters. Another significant area of research is on testosterone and spatial abilities – with a heightened favor towards men. This link between spatial abilities and mental rotation and testosterone is why males tend to perform better in tasks in these areas. Higher levels of testosterone enhance spatial abilities. Verbal memory, on the other hand, is where women tend to have an advantage over men. Males perform better with visual-spatial memory. When comparing before and after testosterone results, both genders typically report cognitive processing improvements. Numerous studies address the positive enhancements for men and women in learning and memory upon the treatment of testosterone deficiency with TRT. Increased drive, motivation, and productivity help with daily accomplishments and work-related tasks.
Extensive testosterone therapy before and after benefits for the mind include improving cognitive functions, memory, and emotional well-being.

Testosterone Therapy Results Timeline

In the timeline showing the testosterone therapy before and after results below, you will learn what to expect and when:
  • What to expect after 1 month After spending 1 month on testosterone, results to expect include:
    • By three weeks, sexual interest, thoughts, satisfaction, better erectile and ejaculate functions, morning erections, and number of erections each week will appear (except for satisfaction, sexual activity, and ejaculations reaching maximum at 12 weeks, and number of erections at 30 weeks, all other areas will achieve their maximum effect around 6 weeks)
    • Quality of life begins to improve, continuing into the future
    • Depressive mood starts to decline within 3 to 6 weeks, reaching a maximum at 18 to 30 weeks.
    • Improvements in insulin sensitivity begin within days
    • Inflammation markers begin to see improvements in 3 – 12 weeks
    • Lipid levels start to improve around 4 weeks, reaching maximal levels at 6 – 12 months (HDL cholesterol continues to rise for up to 2 years, total cholesterol plateaus approximately 12 months, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels continue to decrease for close to 21 months)
    • Improvements in mood begin around 3 weeks to 30 days
    • Less fatigue possible after 4 – 6 weeks
    • Better processing of spatial data of visual content within 2 weeks
    • Improved spatial working memory by the third week, continuing through six weeks
    • More restful sleep by the end of the first month
  • What to expect after 2 months Testosterone results 2 months into treatment bring the following benefits:
    • Significant improvements in depressed mood between 6 weeks and 2 months
    • More energy
    • Continue enhancements in all areas from the first month
  • What to expect after 3 months Testosterone 3-month results include:
    • Better red blood cell formation (erythropoiesis), reaching a maximum after 9 to 12 months
    • Improved glycemic control effects 3 – 12 months
    • Decreased waist-hip ratio, waist circumference, and fat mass (loss of weight)
    • Improved exercise capacity by 3 months
    • Increased lean mass and muscle strength start around 12 – 16 weeks, stabilizing by 6 – 12 months, although it may continue for more years
  • What to expect after 4 months For most adults, testosterone results, 4 months into treatment, bring a continuation and improvement over the results before
  • What to expect after 5 months Testosterone results 5 months into treatment continue to improve on what came before.
  • What to expect after 6 months Here are the 6-month testosterone results to expect:
    • Bone mineral density begins to improve around 6 months and continuing for at least 3 years
    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and volume rise marginally, plateauing at 12 months
    • While receiving testosterone therapy, most men and women experience reduced joint pains, better cardiac capacity, improved hair growth, better drive, and increased productivity.
    • Changes such as these make a significant difference in the overall quality of life.
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