Is Testosterone Therapy Covered by Insurance

Is Testosterone Therapy Covered By Insurance

With the incidence of Low T on the rise due to the aging population in the US, more men are asking is testosterone therapy covered by insurance than ever before. The simple fact is that there is no one clear answer to that question.

The reason for this is that there are so many different health insurance policies in the marketplace today. Even the health insurance marketplace has policies that vary from state to state and even from one region to another.

When asking is testosterone replacement therapy covered by insurance, the best way to get a precise answer is to contact your own carrier directly. One problem we see today is that more people have higher deductibles than in the past, and this can even affect the out-of-pocket costs of the medications they require.

In some cases, the answer to is low testosterone therapy covered by insurance is yes. It may also be conditional, based on certain specifications required by the insurance company. That is why a direct call from the individual will result in answers to all applicable questions.

How to Make Testosterone Therapy Affordable

At Kingsberg Medical, our goal is to provide the highest quality care and treatment to our clients – at the most affordable prices possible. In order to make testosterone therapy affordable to the greatest number of people, we do not work directly with insurance companies. To do so, we would have to hire a large staff of insurance experts to handle the billing and collections proceedings. This would wind up increasing the costs that we would have to then pass on to our clients. That is why our answer to is testosterone therapy covered by insurance that we can bill directly is no. We do not handle the billing for you, but we will, in fact, provide you with all of the documentation you need to seek reimbursement directly from your insurance provider if they do cover testosterone therapy.

Kingsberg Medical goes even further to make testosterone therapy affordable for people who find out that the answer to is low testosterone treatment covered by insurance no after speaking with their provider directly. To do this, we conduct our consultations by telephone to avoid the charges associated with office visits. This also helps reduce time spent away from work or other obligations and responsibilities.

We have also made it possible for our clients to visit a local laboratory to receive their blood tests and have negotiated for a set price at savings that we can pass on directly to each person. The men and women who come to us for treatment for Low T can visit any doctor of their own choosing for the required physical exam. The use of a walk-in clinic is an affordable option that many people select.

Our professional staff at Kingsberg Medical will work closely with you to help make testosterone treatment as affordable as possible. We have a wide range of options to assist in this process. Please call us for a complimentary consultation, or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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