When Does Testosterone Therapy Start Working?

When Does Testosterone Therapy Start Working

Testosterone therapy effects will not be noticeable the minute you administer your first injection. Unlike some medications and treatments that have instantaneous results, most types of hormone replacement therapies require a little bit of time for the assimilation in the body to show the effects. Do not start to wonder does testosterone therapy work if changes are not seen right away – this is normal.

Because the symptoms that are associated with Low T took quite a while to build up to the point where a person finds the need to seek out medical intervention, it is only natural to expect that time will be needed to reverse these unwanted changes. By asking when does testosterone therapy start working in ways that can be seen, a better understanding of what to expect can become clear.

Another important aspect of this to point out is that testosterone products that work for raising this crucial hormone level in the body come in many different forms, and each will also have a different timeline as to what can be expected. This report will document estimations of what to anticipate as a result of this treatment.

When Do Testosterone Therapy Benefits Become Noticeable?

Testosterone benefits can become noticeable at different times based on the type of treatment that has been prescribed. Men sometimes find that using a transdermal testosterone rather than an injectable form can make the wait time for the results a bit longer because there is no guarantee of how much of this supplementation will be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream where it can be put to use. That is why some men question does testosterone treatment work when they opt for a gel or patch rather than testosterone injections.

Women who use a compounded testosterone cream in their specific dosage typically receive benefits rather quickly, and that is often due to the fact that their bodies require so little testosterone that the increase can be seen sooner rather than later.

Does testosterone work the same way for all people? The answer here is no – each person will experience the benefits of this treatment in a unique way just as his or her body reacts on a personal level to the deficiency of this hormone. Please remember that blood analysis is required to determine the level of testosterone deficiency, as well as the treatment dosage that is going to be prescribed.

Month to Month Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Although the focus of many articles on testosterone benefits tends to be do testosterone shots work for improving all of the changes that a man is going through when Low T is present, the month to month results shown below are a generalization of what to expect from treatment with any prescription testosterone as ordered by an experienced doctor following blood testing.

  • Results after First Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Gradual increase in sex drive and personal satisfaction
    • Increased energy
    • Physiological changes beginning inside the body regarding lowering of LDL cholesterol and insulin sensitivity
    • Feelings of improved quality of life and outlook
  • Results after Second Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Energy levels continue to increase
    • Inflammation markers in the body begin to improve
    • Better mood and outlook
    • Increased vaginal lubrication
    • Reduction or cessation of hot flashes possible
  • Results after Third Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Stronger and more frequent erections
    • Improved ejaculation and orgasm
    • Lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels – LDL changes may not show up yet
    • Increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels
    • Improved mood and reduced anxiety
    • Better glycemic control
    • Increased production of red blood cells
    • Improved exercise capacity for men with heart disease
    • Possible diastolic blood pressure decline
    • Improved cognitive awareness and abilities
  • Results after Fourth Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Noticeable loss of body fat mass
    • Improved lean muscle mass
    • Increased strength
    • Further improvements in all previously mentioned areas
  • Results after Fifth Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Further building on previous improvements and enhancements
  • Results after Sixth Month of Testosterone Therapy
    • Increased bone density
    • Possible regrowth of hair

Many people do start to notice increases or improvements in energy, sleep, outlook, and sexual desire (libido) during the first month of testosterone treatment. That is why asking how quickly does testosterone shots work to bring these types of changes is met with generalizations for an answer. We can only provide information based on the results of others, and these findings are often varied.

The general consensus is that most people will notice superior changes by the 10 to 12-week marker following the onset of treatment with testosterone therapy. To inquire about what you can expect based on your symptoms, please contact Kingsberg Medical for further information. A complimentary consultation will be provided for your benefit.

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