How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Testosterone Therapy Cost

More people today than ever before are searching the internet in order to get the best price that they can for testosterone replacement therapy. There are a few different reasons why this is so, and most people will find that they fall into at least one of these savvy shopper categories to keep down their testosterone therapy cost:

  • They do not want to pay excessive fees that might include frequent trips to the doctor to receive testosterone injections
  • They know that price hunting on the internet can save time and money when shopping for high quality at bargain prices
  • Money is tight and finding the lowest price may make hormone replacement therapy attainable
  • They have heard that “cheap” prices are available from companies that do not require prescriptions

While bargain shopping online is often an excellent alternative to running from store to store, it can be extremely dangerous when searching for the best testosterone replacement therapy cost, as that will most likely be from unregulated sources that frequently provide inferior quality medications.

One of the biggest issues with providing a single price from our clinic is that there are numerous types of testosterone treatment that may be prescribed by the doctor, and dosage, frequency of administration, and duration of this therapy are all going to be figured into the final price.

When asking how much does testosterone replacement therapy cost, it is necessary to first determine if the individual will be receiving shots, patches, gels, creams, transbuccal pellets, or another form of treatment. This information will be determined once the necessary blood testing and physical examination results are in, and the client has completed his or her medical history report.

Average Price for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It is virtually impossible to give an accurate answer, but an average testosterone therapy cost for a person who is going to use Depo-Testosterone may run approximately $49 a week, depending on dosage and frequency of treatment. Compounded versions can easily lower the cost down to around $41 a week.

Women will typically be prescribed a compounded cream made for their exact needs, and for them, the cost of testosterone replacement therapy will typically be even lower.

A serious warning must be issued to anyone searching online for the best price for testosterone therapy: nearly 96% of all websites engaging in the sales of medications have been found to fit into one of these categories:

  • The company is fraudulent – accepts money and ships nothing in return
  • Counterfeit and possibly dangerous medications are shipped
  • No prescriptions are required (against the law and shipments may be confiscated, and/or prosecution is possible)
  • Unregulated products are provided
  • Company does not follow proper pharmaceutical guidelines

Start Your Therapy with “Kingsberg Medical”

At Kingsberg Medical, we make it easy to start your doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy without requiring a large outlay of time or money. All diagnostic blood tests take place at local labs (available throughout the US). Any doctor can perform the physical exam, and the results can be forwarded electronically to our clinic. Even our medical forms are available for completion online.

The ultimate cost of testosterone therapy will be determined once all of this information has been received. We continue to save you money by conducting our confidential consultations by phone, at no additional charge.

The answer to how much does testosterone therapy cost will be determined during the follow-up consultation once the doctor has provided the details of what is being prescribed. Keeping our prices as affordable as possible is important to us. This helps us help more people receive the treatment that they need to improve their vitality and well-being.

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If you are interested in getting affordable testosterone therapy costs and treatment without sacrificing service or quality, contact Kingsberg Medical for more information.

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