Testosterone Levels In Men By Age

Testosterone levels in men

All men create the hormone testosterone, which is considered to be the most important hormone in males. There are certain normal testosterone levels in men by age that are medically said to be the best for optimal health. They can also become too high or too low because of age. As men grow older, usually beginning after 30, their T levels drop. This can cause some serious issues that can impede upon their quality of life.

Let us look at a testosterone levels in men chart to see what T levels should look like:

 Low LevelsNormal LevelsHigh Levels
Male Levels by AgeBelowBetweenAbove
Men over 30219 ng/dLTotal: 219 – 1009 ng/dL1,009 ng/dL
Men over 40201 ng/dLTotal: 201 – 993 ng/dL993 ng/dL
Men over 50170 ng/dLTotal: 170 – 918 ng/dL918 ng/dL
Men over 60156 ng/dLTotal: 156 – 700 ng/dL700 ng/dL

 These numbers are to be known as suggested averages only. Some clinics may have ranges that are slightly different, but that does not mean that one is right over the other. The amount of normal testosterone levels in men will depend on several factors such as their age, their body composition and there overall health just to name some.

Blood tests look for specific things when determining whether a person has low testosterone levels, normal testosterone levels or high testosterone levels. If they are diagnosed to have low T, there is simple treatment to help that is safe and effective called testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). 

Low T can be boosted safely, legally and effectively when one works with a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical. Our licensed doctors will work with each individual client with a tailor made treatment plan. They prescribe the exact dosage of 10o pure, real injectable testosterone medication to raise patient’s low T levels up into the normal range.

What Are Low, Normal And High Testosterone Levels In Men

The chart listed above is a great way to see if your testosterone levels fall into the right ranges depending up on your age. There are other factors though that go into determining low T, high T or normal ranges of T in the system, but only a doctor can make that conclusion.

Here is another way to look at ranges testosterone levels in men by age:

High testosterone levels in men by age:

  • Men over 30:  1,009 ng/dL
  • Men over 40:  993 ng/dL
  • Men over 50:  918 ng/dL
  • Men over 60:  700 ng/dL

Normal testosterone levels in men:

  • Men over 30:  219 – 1009 ng/dL
  • Men over 40:  201 – 993 ng/dL
  • Men over 50:  170 – 918 ng/dL
  • Men over 60:  156 – 700 ng/dL

Low testosterone levels in men:

  • Men over 30:  219 ng/dL
  • Men over 40:  201 ng/dL
  • Men over 50:  170 ng/dL
  • Men over 60:  156 ng/dL

Why is it important to know where you fall in the range of testosterone levels in men? Many of the symptoms of low T get mistaken for other illnesses. Doctors will prescribe medications that are chemically filled and cause many negative side effects for problems that they do not realize are caused by low T levels.

Professionals who know about and are willing to refer patients to clinics like Kingsberg Medical for testosterone replacement therapy are doing a great service to these clients. Symptoms such the ones listed below can be easily reversed with TRT versus other possibly harmful medications that may fix one problem, but cause another.

DepressionSlowed metabolismLow sperm count
AnxietyMuscle lossInfertility
Weight gain without
eating more than one
normally does
Erectile dysfunctionNight sweats
Getting sick more
often than one
typically does
Lack of sexual desire
and libido
Poor sleep
Weak immune systemDanger of impending
heart issues (heart
attack or stroke)
Difficulty healing
from sickness, injuries
or wounds
Unhealthy heart rateMental fogginess
High cholesterol levelsBaldingForgetfulness
High triglyceride
Thinning hairPoor memory
Poor visionWrinklesWeak mental acuity
Mood swingsSagging skinIrritability
Low bone densityAnger issues 

Get Started

The medications at Kingsberg Medical for TRT are 100 percent pure. They are also very safe when used as directed with a doctor’s prescription. Negative side effects are very rare, if they occur at all and can be dealt with rather quickly by having the physician change the patient’s dosage of injection.

It is simple to get a man’s testosterone levels into the normal range when he is diagnosed correctly and working with the best professionals who know about how important balanced testosterone levels are in the body. Contact Kingsberg Medical if you are dealing with the symptoms listed above and speak to a representative directly for free. Find out if TRT is what you need to feel strong and healthy once again.