Testosterone Levels by Age

Testosterone Levels by Age

Diagnosing Low T in adults is not always easy. There is no one consensus on what constitutes normal, with health institutions and labs all offering up their own interpretations of average testosterone levels by age and gender.

What is agreed upon is the fact that testosterone is crucial for the maintenance of proper bodily functions in both men and women. The role of the hormone replacement therapy doctor is to run diagnostic blood tests and compare the results with the symptoms that a person is exhibiting in order to determine if a person is testosterone deficient.

Using testosterone levels and age as a guideline, the HRT specialist can then diagnose Low T with confidence. There is no set number on the blood test scale that signals low testosterone. A person can still fall into the lower end of the normal range but have numerous symptoms that clearly signal Low T being present. In this case, treatment would be warranted. The following sections will go into further detail as to what normal levels of testosterone should be for men and women.

Age Chart of Testosterone Levels in Men

When examining the testosterone level by age for a male to diagnose Low T, a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy will check both the total and free levels of testosterone as part of the diagnostic process. This will enable an accurate determination as to whether or not treatment with testosterone therapy is required.

Here is the chart for total testosterone levels by age – male version:

 Total ng/dL Normal ng/dL
Testosterone levels in men: age 30219 – 1009600 – 675
Testosterone levels in men: age 40201 – 993500 – 550
Testosterone levels in men: age 50170 – 918400 – 450
Testosterone levels in men: age 60 +156 – 700300 – 350

The chart for free testosterone levels in men is:

 Free pg/mL
Testosterone levels at age 308.7 – 25.1
Testosterone levels at age 406.8 – 21.5
Testosterone levels at age 507.2 – 24.0
Testosterone levels at age 60 +6.6 – 18.1

Age Chart of Testosterone Levels in Women

The chart for healthy testosterone levels by age for women is very different than for that of men. It can also be extremely confusing based on various opinions by different labs and health institutes. We are presenting some general guidelines here that can be followed when our doctors test for Low T in women.

The chart of tota ltestosterone levels by age – female version is shown below:

  • Premenopausal women: 10 – 55 ng/dL
  • Postmenopausal women: 7 – 40 ng/dL

The bioavailable testosterone levels by age chart for women is:

  • Women between age 20 and 50 not on oral estrogen: 0.8 – 10 ng/dL
  • Women between age 20 and 50 on oral estrogen: 0.8 – 4.0 ng/dL

In most instances, a woman under age 50 will be considered testosterone deficient if her blood test shows a total testosterone level below 25 ng/dL and under 20 ng/dL for those women over 50.

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Maintaining Healthy Testosterone Levels

Some people say that maintaining healthy testosterone levels is the key to longevity. Whether that is so has yet to be proven by science, although there have been numerous studies that show the benefits of testosterone for heart health, maintaining a sharp mind, and decreasing the risks associated with diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis.

The best action is always prevention, and that entails getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, reducing stress, exercising, consuming heart-healthy fats, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, making sure that protein comes from lean meat, poultry – all organic and free range whenever possible, and freshwater fish. There are many different supplements and vitamins that can be added to the diet, as well. We provide further information on that in other reports on this website. They can be accessed through our sitemap below.

Finally, knowing the average levels of testosterone by age can help determine whether you can be best served by being prescribed testosterone therapy. Our doctors here at Kingsberg Medical will run the necessary blood tests to ascertain whether or not hormone replacement therapy with testosterone is right for you. Call today for a free consultation.