Testosterone Injections Store Information

Testosterone Injections Store Information

Testosterone injections require specific storage procedures to protect the integrity of the medication. Following the guidelines explained here will ensure the safety of the product for proper usage.

As with all medications, testosterone injections store information comes with a strict warning to keep out of reach of children and pets. Testosterone should not be left out on a counter where curious hands can get a hold of it.

Here are the guidelines for how to store testosterone injections:

  • Store testosterone injections at room temperature – between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • Do not store testosterone in cabinets next to the stove, microwave, or refrigerator as heat generated from those appliances could enter those cabinets
  • Store testosterone away from moisture and light – do not keep in the bathroom
  • Do not store testosterone injections in the refrigerator or freezer – this does not prolong the expiration date and could cause crystallization of the medication
  • Dispose of all unused, empty, or expired medications as per local regulations
  • Store unused needles and syringes out of reach of children and pets
  • Discard used needles and syringes as directed in a Sharps container that is also kept out of reach of pets and children

Proper Storage of Testosterone Injections

Proper storage of testosterone injections and supplies is a must. This will not only ensure that your medication is always safe to use, but it will keep it safely out of reach of little hands.

Always check your shipment of testosterone injections and supplies as soon as it arrives to be certain that everything you need has been sent. You will most likely receive testosterone vials, syringes with two sizes of needles – one for filling the syringe and the other for injecting, alcohol wipes, and a Sharps container for needle disposal. If anything is missing, contact the hormone clinic before getting started.

Because testosterone injections require storage at room temperature, people living in cities with low temperatures may notice that the medication has separated – either during shipping or storage. Follow these testosterone store information directions if this occurs:

  • Never inject testosterone that has crystallized or developed particles. This could result in extreme pain and swelling at the injection site that will last until all of the testosterone is absorbed. This could take quite a while to occur.
  • Testosterone may be re-dissolved by placing the vial in a cup or dish of hot water for at least five minutes before use. Water may be taken from the hot water faucet or heated until it just reaches the gentle boiling stage.
  • Do not touch the glass vial until it has cooled down as it will be extremely hot.
  • Do not inject hot testosterone – allow it to reach room temperature before using.
  • Check the testosterone liquid frequently so that you remove it from the hot water as soon as the crystals have dissolved – you can gently swirl the vial to speed the process along.
  • Even during a cold winter, this is not a procedure that should have to be done prior to each injection if the medication has been properly stored.

If you need additional testosterone injections store information or have any other questions about how to use testosterone injections or where to get them, please contact the hormone specialists at Kingsberg Medical.

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