Testosterone Deficiency and Low Sex Drive in Men and Women

Testosterone Deficiency and Low Sex Drive in Men and Women

Testosterone is an androgen (sex) hormone. It is not just there to keep the male libido raging – testosterone is also the driving force between a woman’s amorous feelings.

There is a direct link between testosterone deficiency and low sex drive in men and women.

Why does low testosterone happen in the first place? Is it possible to prevent this decline?

Testosterone, as with some other hormones, naturally declines as we age. Although that is a fact, that does not mean that everyone exhibits symptoms of Low T such as a loss of libido and sexual functions. The body can adjust to these changes in hormone levels. It is only when this adjustment does not occur that action must be taken to increase testosterone levels in the bloodstream.

Lack of exercise, poor dietary habits, not enough sleep, and excessive stress can all affect how quickly and severely hormone decline occur and impact your life. Good lifestyle habits can help maintain higher hormone levels.

For many adults with low testosterone, no sex drive is a reality that puts an unwanted stress on their relationships.

Kingsberg Medical is here to help you understand how testosterone deficiency is ruining your sex life and show you how to reverse that decline and restore a robust love life to your relationship.

The Effects of Testosterone on Male Libido

Every man has his own opinion regarding sex drive – what is too much for one man may be too little for another. Whether you are a once a month, once a week, or once a day kind of guy, you want your libido to match the number in your head.

Why can low testosterone cause low sex drive in some men but not others?

Libido changes are only a small fraction of the many symptoms associated with testosterone decline. One man may feel the effects on his libido while someone else may worry more about memory loss, weight gain, depression, or osteoporosis. These are all issues associated with testosterone deficiency.

Because testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, low libido is a very real possibility. Do not let this problem stand in the way of a loving, physical relationship. Complaining about work stress or a headache will only go so far before your partner may wonder if you have lost interest, are having an affair, or have a serious medical issue. Testosterone injections for low libido can put all of those worries to rest while restoring your healthy sex drive.

Testosterone and Female Sex Drive

When the female sex drive declines, it can also have a negative impact on a relationship. Many women worry about pushing their partner into the arms of another when they lose interest in sex.

Testosterone is the leading hormone for female sexuality. It is the driving force behind sexual dreams, desires, and fantasies for women.

Some women who use birth control pills suffer from a condition where the estrogen in the pill binds to the testosterone in the body and lowers the feelings of sexual desire. The use of supplemental testosterone for low female libido can help many women restore the passion in their lives and relationships.

Later in life, when menopause ends the body’s production of testosterone, a woman can find that her libido all but disappears. This does not have to be permanent.

To reverse testosterone deficiency and low sex drive in men and women, all it takes is a free call to Kingsberg Medical to find out about getting your blood hormone levels tested at a local lab.

Low Testosterone and Male Erectile Functions

For men with low sex drive and testosterone deficiency, erectile dysfunction is not a given although it is a possibility. In fact, many males who experience testosterone decline have no problem at all with achieving and maintaining satisfying erections.

On the other side of the spectrum we have the men whose testosterone levels are normal, yet they face significant issues with ED.

Erectile dysfunction is often linked to a hardening of the arteries – atherosclerosis. This can cause damage to the tiny blood vessels that supply the penis if dilation becomes a problem. High cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure can all contribute to atherosclerosis. It just so happens that these issues are also associated with testosterone deficiency. Low libido, erectile functions, and reduced pleasure are issues that may also alert you to more serious concerns.

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Why Low Testosterone Leads to Vaginal Dryness

There are many reasons for using testosterone for low libido in postmenopausal women. Improved vaginal lubrication is just one of them. Decreased testosterone can lead to reduced muscle tone in the vagina, lessening feelings of sensitivity.

Changing hormone levels affect vaginal secretions, thinning, and drying of the vaginal wall. Balancing hormone levels can improve vaginal lubrication and restore a pleasurable sex life.

For women with declining levels of testosterone, low sex drive is an issue that is often accompanied by other problems, such as weight gain, depression, and memory loss.

Testosterone Therapy Restores Sex Drive in Men and Women

When you put an end to testosterone deficiency, low sex drive will disappear and you will once again enjoy a healthy sex life.

You cannot treat Low T on your own. It must be diagnosed with a combination of blood analysis, physical examination, and a review of symptoms.

If you are diagnosed with Low T, you can expect to see positive changes within a short time once treatment with testosterone therapy begins.

For answers to any questions you have about testosterone deficiency and low sex drive in men and women, please contact Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation.