Testosterone Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction

Sex – that is always a catchy start to anything, but in the case of a man who is having trouble in this department, sex may not be a welcomed word. The twenties are typically a time for incredible sexual prowess for most men. They arise to a morning erection and end the day being able to perform numerous times in one evening, maintaining extended erections and enjoying powerful orgasms. With the arrival of the thirties, all of this might change for some men. Erectile dysfunction is not pleasant to face or discuss.

For some men, testosterone deficiency, and erectile dysfunction go together. While Low T is not always the cause of a man having difficulty in this area of his life, for many individuals it is. The good news is that this condition is easy to diagnose and treat, restoring powerful erections and strong orgasms once again.

Testosterone levels naturally start to decline in a man’s thirties, although the rate of this reduction will vary from one person to another, with exercise, diet, sleep, stress, and other factors playing a role in how Low T proceeds. Medical conditions, genetics, injury, and medications may also add to low testosterone erectile dysfunction.

A man who can blame his erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency on the same thing will typically have other symptoms, including fatigue, low endurance, weight gain, stiff or achy joints due, in part, to decreased bone density, muscle loss, and mood changes. If any of these symptoms is noticed, along with problems in the bedroom, then it is wise to seek out the help of a hormone replacement therapy specialist for testing and treatment.

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment for Erectile Function

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, and testosterone treatment is recommended by the HRT doctor following blood test analysis, then there will certainly many benefits worth discussing. Of course, the rest of the body will reap the many rewards from testosterone therapy, but we are here to discuss the area of sexual response.

Here are some of the benefits of treating low testosterone erectile dysfunction:

  • Libido

Sexual desire and arousal stimulation have been shown to be higher in men who have had testosterone replacement therapy. The frequency of sexual performance and sleep-related erections are also increased.

  • Performance

TRT can restore venous leakage in the corpus cavernosum (spongy erectile tissue that facilitates penile erections) that is a factor in ED in older men.

Erection sustainability is increased, as endurance levels are also improved. Many men report being able to have multiple erections again in the course of a single night.

Another issue is sperm production, which, in the case of testosterone deficiency, can lead to infertility. Treatment by a specialist can improve the options for conception as sperm production can be increased as testosterone levels climb.

  • Pleasure

Improvements in the area of pleasure are seen in men suffering from Low T, who have received treatment with doctor-prescribed testosterone. Stronger, longer-lasting orgasms have been reported as a regular occurrence.

A man no longer has to lament low testosterone and erectile dysfunction as being the standard for the rest of his life. With benefits such as the ones listed above, there is good reason to hope for a brighter, and more pleasurable tomorrow.

Get Testosterone Treatment

There is no reason that testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction should control or change one’s life. The proper treatment can reverse both of these concerns, bringing meaningful relationships back into the picture. Sex does not have to be a bad word simply because body parts are no longer performing as they once did. Reversal and reigniting the flames of passion are possible.

The best doctor to treat Low T is a hormone replacement specialist. These doctors understand the role testosterone and other critical hormones play in the body, and how their decline can affect one another. Instead of pushing off symptoms as being the natural signs of aging – there is nothing “natural” about changes to the body or in performance – these health care providers recognize them for what they are: symptoms of hormonal decline or imbalance.

Kingsberg Medical provides testosterone erectile dysfunction treatment to men over the age of thirty who are diagnosed with Low T by our doctors. Comprehensive blood analysis is arranged and performed at local labs around the country, and all medications and supplies are sent directly to you by licensed US pharmacies.

Please call today for a free and confidential consultation that could change your life. Don’t let another day pass without taking action to end Low T and erectile dysfunction once and for all.

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