How to Use Sermorelin Injections for Low Growth Hormone Levels

How to Use Sermorelin Injections

Learning how to use Sermorelin injections for the treatment of low growth hormone levels in adults is easier than most people expect. The procedure is simple to follow and takes only a few minutes each day. Being able to administer this medication in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home saves time and money that would otherwise have been spent going to the doctor’s office or hormone replacement clinic.

Sermorelin injections are a different type of treatment for adult growth hormone deficiency. This medication may be prescribed by a doctor when a man or woman is in the early stages of GH decline Sermorelin will help stimulate the production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. It is not the best choice for people who have already started to exhibit many of the symptoms of low GH levels. At that time, the better option is typically HGH therapy.

We will provide step by step directions for how to inject Sermorelin in the next section. Before getting started, you will first gather all of the following supplies:

  • A vial containing the lyophilized Sermorelin
  • Sterile bacteriostatic solution for mixing
  • Mixing syringe
  • Insulin syringe to inject the Sermorelin
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Sharps container for disposing of used needles/syringes

After you gather all of the above supplies, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap before proceeding with the preparation and injection process.

Step by Step Sermorelin Injection Instructions

With clean hands, you can now begin the sermorelin injections administration by following the step by step instructions below:

1. Lift off the tops from the two vials containing Sermorelin and bacteriostatic fluid and sterilize both with an alcohol wipe

2. Remove a new 10 mL syringe from a package and check to see that the needle is secure before removing the cap and setting it aside for reuse

3. Insert the tip of the 10 mL syringe needle into the vial of bacteriostatic fluid and pull the plunger back slowly until the syringe is filled with 9 mL’s of the sterile solution – go a little past that mark to check for and remove air bubbles before returning to 9 mL

4. Remove the 10 mL needle and then insert the tip into the top of the vial of Sermorelin, slowly pushing the plunger down until the fluid completely enters the medication vial – this must be done slowly to prevent the Sermorelin from foaming

5. After pulling the needle out of the vial, recap it and then twist it off from the syringe before disposing of in the Sharps container and discarding the syringe in the garbage

6. The Sermorelin mixture should now sit for a few minutes to complete the dissolving process before checking for particles – allow it to sit undisturbed until the process is complete

7. Take a new 1 cc, 31 gauge insulin syringe out of a package and remove both the plunger back end plug and the needle cover setting aside the latter to recap the needle after use

8. Insert the needle into the center top of the Sermorelin vial as you tilt the vial slightly upside down, pulling back on the plunger slightly past the prescribed dosage amount – check the syringe for bubbles, tapping gently to get them to the top of the syringe before pushing the plunger in to remove the trapped air

9. After removing the needle from the vial, recap it while you prepare your injection site

10. Use a fresh alcohol swab to clean the injection area before uncapping the needle

11. Pinch a small fold of the prepared skin between your fingers and insert the needle into the skin at a 45-degree angle

12. Release the pinched skin before you push the syringe plunger slowly in to release the Sermorelin into your body

13. After removing the needle, recover it with the cap and discard the entire unit in the Sharps container

For further information on how to use sermorelin injections, or to speak with a hormone replacement therapy specialist about this or any other type of HRT treatment, contact the experts at Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation. Learn about our convenient local testing facilities and affordable treatment options for men and women.

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