Norditropin vs. Humatrope vs. Genotropin – Which is Best?

Norditropin vs. Humatrope vs. Genotropin

Any comparison of Norditropin vs. Humatrope vs. Genotropin will most likely come down to injector style and pricing decisions in the end. The quality of these three brands of human growth hormones is among the highest HGH products manufactured today. Their pharmaceutical companies are Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer, respectively. All three top names in the pharmaceutical world with individual reputations for quality and performance.

The question of which one is going to be the best choice for you can only be answered after a discussion with a hormone replacement specialist. Here are some of the factors that figure into this determination:

  • Do you travel frequently? This might necessitate the need for a brand of HGH that does not require continual refrigeration.
  • Do you have trouble with manual dexterity? If so, you might be better off using an injector style pen that does not require changing cartridges.
  • Is price the number one factor in your decision? If it is, the best choice might be the standard vial and syringe injector method.
  • Do you want a product that offers convenience over all else? An all in one unit might be worth the extra money if the medication comes ready to use.

The Benefits of Norditropin HGH

Each brand of HGH injections has positive benefits to offer. Novo Nordisk provides Norditropin in conveniently preloaded pen systems that are premixed and prefilled. No reconstitution is necessary before using the Norditropin FlexPro Pens that come in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15 mg strengths. For busy travelers, the 5 and 10 mg pens can be stored at room temperature for up to three weeks. There are no cartridges to exchange, making this option one of the best choices for people who appreciate convenience and simplicity.

Novo Nordisk also offers the prefilled 30 mg NordiFlex Pen for individuals requiring a higher dosage of human growth hormone. This unit requires continual refrigeration.

The Benefits of Humatrope by Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly is another household name in the pharmaceutical world. Many people choose Humatrope solely for that reason – name recognition. Aside from offering the standard vial and syringe method of administering HGH to the body, Humatrope can also be purchased in the form of the HumatroPen device. This unit comes in 3 options – the 6, 12, and 24 mg pen systems. Replaceable cartridges will require reconstitution with a bacteriostatic solution before use.

All forms of Humatrope require continual refrigeration making them unsuitable for individuals who frequently travel without the ability to keep their medications cool at all times.

The Benefits of Genotropin Injections

Pfizer offers many benefits to individuals looking to purchase Genotropin as their choice for human growth hormone therapy. The Genotropin Mixer is an economically priced system that utilizes replaceable cartridges that are mixed automatically in the unit. This injector system uses disposable insulin syringes.

The Genotropin Pen 5 and Genotropin Pen 12 systems are injector pens that also use replaceable cartridges containing two chambers – one with the HGH powder and one with a bacteriostatic solution. The medication is mixed after inserting the cartridge into the pen.

For individuals looking for on-the-road traveling convenience, the Genotropin Miniquick is an ideal choice. These single dose, 2-chamber syringes do not require refrigeration and are mixed and used as needed. They are premeasured and prefilled for added ease.

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How to Choose the Best Product for You

When the time comes to make the decision between Norditropin vs. Humatrope for your HGH needs, it is best to talk it over with a specialist right here at Kingsberg Medical. We can help you make the best choice for your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget.

In terms of quality, comparing Humatrope vs. Genotropin will not provide any clear leader. They are both superior products for the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency. Personal preference of the injector method and ultimate cost will be the deciding factor.

People who travel frequently may find that the decision of which HGH injector system to buy comes down to Genotropin vs. Norditropin. The Genotropin Miniquick is provided as individual syringes while the Norditropin Pens use disposable needles. Each option will require the utilization of a Sharps container for the disposing of the needles/syringes.

Please contact Kingsberg Medical to discuss your options, or with any questions you might have about hormone replacement therapy. Consultations are always complimentary and confidential.