Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety?

Can Low Testosterone Cause Anxiety

What many people do not know about low testosterone is that it can do more than interfere with your love life – it can create havoc for your emotional well-being. How can low testosterone cause anxiety in a person who previously lived a happy and content life? That is the question we will answer in this report about Low T and anxiety.

Think back to a point in your life when you felt in complete control. At this time, you most likely had hormone levels that were balanced. You slept well at night, woke up feeling refreshed in the morning, and liked the reflection gazing back at you from the mirror. Your time at work each day was productive, and you were on top of your game. Then something happened that you just could not put your finger on. Sleep became elusive. You started to feel tired, unsettled, and anxious. Can low testosterone levels cause anxiety like this to occur?

The answer is yes a drop in testosterone levels can change how you feel and respond to what is going on around you. How does low testosterone cause anxiety and panic in seemingly healthy adults? Hormones like testosterone provide signals to the brain, and since the brain houses our emotional well-being, a drop in these signals can alter our feelings. A happy person can become moody, withdrawn even isolated from others.

Testosterone and Anxiety – How it Affects Your Life

Low T begins to take shape as early as thirty for some men and during menopause for most women. After the age of thirty, males start to decrease the amount of testosterone production. This usually does not occur until the ovaries stop working in females. Lack of exercise, poor dietary choices, high stress, and lack of sleep all affect hormone production. A decline in testosterone can lead to low libido, loss of lean muscle, increased weight, osteoporosis, dementia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and more.

How can low testosterone cause social anxiety that interferes with your life?

We all have a certain image of ourselves – the persona that we present to the world. If that image changes, such as when we put on some extra weight, lose our toned and chiseled physique, and if we find ourselves no longer able to keep up and work, we often immediately start to berate ourselves. Add to this the fact that the brain is no longer getting pleasurable signals from crucial hormones and it is easy to see how people become withdrawn. That is the answer to how can low testosterone cause anxiety disorder – it works its way from within, taking away confidence, clear-headedness, and positive thought processes.

Why does low testosterone cause anxiety attacks in some people but not in everyone who is diagnosed with Low T?

The interesting thing about hormone deficiency of any kind is that it affects people on an individual level. When you look at a chemical such as testosterone, it has many different functions in the body. Where one person may lose hair, gain weight, and worry about bone density, another may find that anemia, glucose intolerance, and emotional issues are more likely to occur. Yet another may discover the biggest issue to be low libido.

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Using Testosterone Therapy to Reverse Anxiety

Feelings of self-confidence and well-being will return once testosterone levels are put back into the proper balance. If you are wondering will low testosterone cause anxiety if it happens to you, there is just no way of knowing how your body will respond to the natural decline in testosterone levels. Some people never even realize their testosterone levels dropped. Their bodies adjust appropriately to the change. For others, a large number of symptoms arise, including stress, anxiety, and depression.

Why does low testosterone levels cause anxiety is still something of a mystery to researchers, but one thing we do know is that using testosterone therapy to balance hormone levels will reverse this anxiety and bring back strong feelings of emotional well-being.

If you believe that you may be dealing with low testosterone because you find yourself avoiding social get-togethers, canceling plans at the last minute because you are “too tired,” or unhappy with how you look due to weight gain, now is the time to take action. Contact the hormone specialists at Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation to learn more about treatment options for Low T.