Is HGH Therapy Safe?

Is HGH Therapy Safe

How important is the concept of safety for most people? Many would rank it among the most significant factors in anything they are going to do. To that end, it is time to answer the question is HGH therapy safe once and for all. The correct usage of hormone replacement therapy to restore balance, when a deficiency is present, is both safe and effective. It is essential to remember that this is a medical treatment that is used out of necessity, not because of a whim. Most people will not wake up and decide to give themselves injections for no reason whatsoever. Yes, there are some athletes and bodybuilders who have given HGH and testosterone therapies bad names. They have used this therapy when it wasn’t called for in hopes of building larger or stronger muscles, or increasing their athletic prowess on the field or court. This is an illegal practice by both the law and by sports associations. Medically speaking, it is one of the most dangerous practices a person can engage in. The human body is a work of art – a spectacular piece of machinery with numerous working parts. In order for the body to work efficiently, every different chemical, part, and organ must fall in line in unison. Balance must be retained. Athletes who attempt to use this medication when there is no need run the risk of increasing the chemical level in their body beyond necessity, which will then send signals to the pituitary gland to slow down or even stop production entirely. That is certainly not the intended use of human growth hormone. What is a safe dose of HGH injections for a person to administer? The answer here is that each person will be prescribed the precise dosage that is right for their personal needs. This is not a situation where there is only one dosage for everyone. Unlike painkillers or fever reducers, it’s not take two pills and call in the morning. Each person who is diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency will have their own set dosage calculated based upon what their body requires. That is how to keep HGH therapy safe and effective.

What is Growth Hormone and What Does it Do?

It may be helpful to know what is growth hormone and what does it do for the overall health and functioning of the body before taking this topic any further. A hormone is a chemical messenger that is secreted into the bloodstream to tissues and organs in order to provide functions that keep the body in homeostasis (balance). Growth hormone, in particular, has receptor points in the brain, the liver, and numerous other areas throughout the body. In adolescence, it is crucial for the ability to reach full maturation and height. It has many other vital functions for adult, as well, and without adequate supplies of GH in the body, numerous systematic breakdowns can occur. Cell regeneration is one of the most vital of these roles, as most every part of the body relies upon fresh new cells each day to maintain their strength and integrity. Upon the realization that muscles, internal organs, skin, hair, nails, eyes, bones, the heart, and the brain all rely upon cell reproduction, it is clear to see the importance of maintaining an adequate level of growth hormone in the body. In addition to cell regeneration, there are other areas including metabolism, immunity, energy, and endurance which receive benefits, as well.

What is HGH and What Does it Do?

Knowing what constitutes safety does still not necessarily mean that something is right for everyone. Knowledge about a particular subject is crucial before taking action. That is why it is important to know what is HGH and what does it do for the body that would make it beneficial for someone to utilize. A person with a GH deficiency will require HGH injections in order to restore this chemical to its proper level to accomplish all the necessary roles it plays. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a bioidentical version of the anterior pituitary gland’s naturally produced chemical. Once administered into the body, there is no need for any type of conversion before it can be utilized as the body immediately accepts it as growth hormone. Upon reaching the liver, GH stimulates production of Insulin Growth Factor 1, which aids in cell reproduction. Doctor prescribed HGH injections provide benefits to metabolism, energy, immunity, bone density, muscle tone and strength, heart health, and brain functions, to name just a few of the positive results that can be seen. The careful treatment of this deficiency by an experienced doctor can restore balance throughout the body.

Is Human Growth Hormone Safe for Women?

There has been growing controversy over the last few years about the dangers associated with estrogen therapy. Many women who would have turned to this treatment in the past are instead living with the sometimes debilitating side effects of menopause. Is human growth hormone safe for women to use during this time? What about women who have previously had breast cancer or hysterectomies? These are excellent questions that deserve answers. To begin with, HGH has provided incredible success for women dealing with menopause, whether it has been brought about naturally or as a result of hysterectomy or other such surgery. In regards to a follow up of cancer treatment, these injections will not be given to someone who is currently diagnosed with or dealing with the effects of cancer. In many cases, testosterone therapy will be used for women who have previously had breast cancer, as this type of treatment has been shown to be risk-free and extremely effective. Is it safe for women to take HGH if they are pregnant? Under no circumstances should a woman seek out these injections during pregnancy without the direct supervision of her obstetrician. There should be no need to begin this treatment while pregnant. Chemical levels naturally change during the 9 months of gestation, and for a number of months following the birth of a baby. Breast feeding will also affect how quickly a woman’s hormones will stabilize.

Is HGH Safe for Men of Any Age?

There are strict guidelines for who can and cannot be prescribed human growth hormone injections. Is HGH safe for men no matter what their age? In regards to adult GH deficiency, this is a condition that is usually not prevalent before the age of thirty. After that time, it is natural for chemical levels in the body to fluctuate and change. It is only when unusual signs or symptoms begin to manifest themselves is it time for worry. For some men, this may be evident in their thirties while others may not experience these changes until well into their fifties or even sixties. Lifestyle choices play a large role in how rapidly the body will feel the effects of decreased GH production. A diet high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates will hinder the ability of the pituitary gland to function properly, as will lack of exercise, stress, and poor sleep. Increased growth hormone production requires proper nutrition, high intensity workouts, eight hours of deep sleep each night, and limited stress. For those over thirty who do believe that this condition is behind their loss of lean muscle mass, weight gain, joint pains, hair loss, depression, decreased productivity, and frequent illness, it is time to get tested for a GH deficiency.

Is Taking HGH Safe for Long Term Use?

The traditional duration of time for treatment to continue is six months. Is taking HGH safe for long term use beyond that point? The answer here is yes; many people across the country have continued beyond the original six months because they have either needed longer to correct a severe growth hormone deficiency, or because they enjoyed how HGH injections made them feel. In many instances, a person’s dosage will be decreased if they decide to continue for a longer period of time. A doctor’s supervision is required to ensure that the body does not receive more human growth hormone than it needs, in order to prevent it from shutting down normal secretion. This care is what Kingsberg Medical doctors and clinicians are known across the nation for providing. Our continued supervision of each person, while utilizing the rejuvenating effects of HGH, is why our clients continue to refer their family and friends to our company. Is HGH safe to take for the elderly? Numerous studies have shown positive results, and outcomes in elderly men, in the areas of heart health, increased endurance, cognitive functions, bone density, weight loss, and improved lean muscle mass. This treatment works well for both men and women.

Is HGH Legal to Buy Online?

Many people wonder about the legitimacy of purchasing certain types of items over the internet. That brings up the subject is HGH legal to buy online? Once again, this answer is yes, but with some clarification required. Human growth hormone is a prescription medication that is dispensed by licensed and regulated pharmacies. It requires orders from a doctor before it can be provided for use. When purchasing this treatment, care must be shown in what company (clinic) is chosen. Knowledgeable and experienced doctors are the crucial factor in ensuring both the safety and efficacy of this therapy. Our highly trained physicians have been helping people restore their hormone levels for years. The steps we take, which include blood analysis and physical examination at local clinics, provides the required information, along with completed health questionnaires, that is required in order to prescribe this medication. Nothing is omitted, and only the finest quality and brands of HGH are offered to our clients.

Is it Safe to Buy HGH Online?

Safety and legality are two completely different subjects, yet they overlap quite a bit when it comes to purchasing these essential injections. There are numerous companies that offer this therapy for sale on the internet. Is it safe to buy HGH online from any company? The answer here is no; not all companies will provide a safe way of purchasing this medication. First of all, it is imperative to receive the proper blood testing and examination that will provide answers as to whether or not a chemical deficiency is involved. Those steps are required before a prescription can be written. Companies that do not require these steps, or a prescription are playing Russian roulette with a person’s health and well-being. Is it safe to order HGH online from companies that are overseas? Again, this is part of that fine line a person walks when making the decision of where to get human growth hormone injections. For the benefit of the health of this country’s citizens, US guidelines make it illegal to purchase this medication without a prescription. Obviously, international companies operate outside of US law and jurisdiction, which makes it nearly impossible to have any recourse if something goes wrong, and the odds of that are pretty high. Numerous cases of bacterially tainted medications have been reported, especially those manufactured in China. Reports of expired medications, false labels, and even unknown substances can be found online. There is never a time when taking chances with health is advisable. HGH is safe to buy online when dealing with a doctor and clinic where hormone replacement therapy is their specialty.

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Is Growth Hormone Treatment Safe?

It is important to keep the body fit, and working at maximum potential throughout life. Is growth hormone treatment safe to make this happen and reduce the risk of age-related illness and decline? Yes, this is the best way to reverse symptoms that may set in that have long been associated with aging. In many cases, it is actually this chemical shortage that is to blame for these changes. No one should have to suffer with muscle loss, excess weight, decreased bone density, constant illness, poor sleep, sagging skin, hair loss, and impaired memory and cognitive functions. Our medical staff can help determine if HGH therapy is right for you. The life expectancy for the average adult is longer today than ever before. In order to make the most of every year, it is vital to ensure that the body is in working order, with all parts performing at maximum potential. Is HGH treatment safe to ensure that this is possible? The answer is yes, and we are here to help you accomplish that goal.