HGH Therapy for HIV Patients

HGH Therapy for HIV Patients

HIV is a condition that can destroy the immune system, deteriorate muscle, and cause an increase in visceral fat. HIV-related wasting is a serious issue, and recent studies have looked at the use of HGH therapy for HIV patients who test positive for growth hormone deficiency.

The use of human growth hormone for HIV patients has been linked to the positive results that have also been seen with testosterone and anabolic steroids. One difference is that HGH has advantages for quality of life improvements due to its broader spectrum of functions and benefits in the body.

Doctors have been using HGH therapy for HIV since 1996 when approval was granted for the treatment of AIDS wasting with human growth hormones. At that time, the most important benefit noted was the cessation or reversal of weight loss. While HGH does help reduce fat storage, it also helps increase overall weight by improving lean muscle mass.

What we see today that has a direct impact on quality of life is the promotion of muscle and ligament tissue growth, strengthening of bones, a lowering of triglyceride levels, a decrease in visceral fat (especially in the abdominal region), and an enhancement of the immune system’s functions.

The medications used to treat HIV often contribute to a decrease in energy. The individual finds that he or she feels tired and does not have the endurance necessary to participate in his or her life as desired. A direct benefit of HGH therapy is the release of energy at the cellular level. This energy is in the form of ATP that works in the cells to restore energy throughout the body.

Exploring the Connection between Human Growth Hormone and HIV

Human growth hormone is a chemical messenger – it races through the bloodstream delivering signals to HGH receptor cells on tissues and in the regions of the brain that control learning and memory. Low levels of HGH can lead to muscle and bone loss, weight gain, poor focus, memory decline, the appearance of premature aging, fatigue, low libido, weakened immune system, depression, and even declining eyesight.

HIV attacks the immune system, leaving a person susceptible to even the smallest virus that can turn into a serious issue. Because HGH works directly on the immune system, low HGH and HIV patients can often expect a strengthening of the immune functions to help fight off invading germs.

The combination of a faulty immune system and HIV treatment drugs can often lead to higher levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, as well as blood sugar and fat deposits around the internal organs. HGH therapy for HIV patients can often combat these concerns, although there have been instances in the early stages of human growth hormone therapy where people have experienced elevated blood sugar levels. With proper HGH therapy supervision, this is often a concern that corrects itself, or through an assessment and alteration of the HGH dosage.

When using HGH & HIV treatment, there may be a better outcome for quality of life as a result of the many changes that occur.

Benefits of HGH Injections for Patients with HIV

One of the positive benefits of using HGH for HIV patients is an improvement in CD4 cell counts for those individuals who are on antiretroviral therapy. Study results showed an increase of naive CD4 cells along with improved thymus gland size and function (the gland that produces the naive T-cells).

Clinical studies have shown that HGH can reduce abdominal visceral fat for people using anti-HIV treatments. The body also experiences an increase in oxygen uptake and improved cardiac capability for exercise. Being able to exercise helps strengthen the muscles and the bones, which also reap the rewards of HGH treatment for HIV.

Although many of the studies of HGH use for people with HIV have been small, the results have all showed promise, with very little risk of serious side effects. In fact, the most common adverse reaction has been edema, which typically goes away on its own or with a slight lowering of the HGH dosage. In rare cases, carpal tunnel syndrome has also occurred, and lowering the dose of HGH has also reversed that concern, as well.

Here is a list of the benefits of HGH therapy for HIV patients:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Reduced visceral abdominal fat
  • Increased oxygen uptake
  • Improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels (not all studies agree)
  • Better immune system functioning
  • Enhanced quality of life perception
  • Increased energy and stamina

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