How to Take HGH Injections

How to Take HGH Injections

It’s time to learn how to take HGH injections! The doctor has finally provided an answer as to why exhaustion, mood swings, hair loss, weight gain, and memory loss have been occurring. There is no reason to accept the fate of aging as the cause for these symptoms if blood analysis turns up a condition known as AGHD – adult growth hormone deficiency. This extraordinarily real medical condition occurs when the pituitary gland no longer produces enough growth hormone (GH) for the body’s requirements. While it is natural for a decrease in production to occur over time, it is not normal or acceptable for it to become debilitating. That does not necessarily mean that a person is resigned to their couch. There are various forms of debilitation that can signal the need for learning how to take HGH injections. The main point to focus on is when changes in the body occur that interfere with daily productivity and enjoyment. If this diagnosis is determined, complete instructions will be provided in both written and online video formats to assist in the administration process. Experienced medical advisors and doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy for adults will supervise the entire treatment protocol, from start to finish to ensure accuracy and efficacy in a completely safe and legal environment. Receiving the correct dosage is paramount to a successful reversal of this specific chemical decline.

Take HGH Injections Safely

The first goal of treatment is to ensure that a person will take HGH injections safely. This is done by using careful calculations after the review of blood test results to ensure that the proper dosage and type of therapy is prescribed. Some people automatically think they have a growth hormone decrease when it is actually their testosterone level that is low, or vice versa. That is the reason why blood testing is crucial for the correct determination and diagnosis to take place. An accurate dosing prescription will eliminate any worries about negative side effects. Those who try to decide on their own how to proceed with a course of HGH injections without a doctor’s guidance might find themselves battling other unwanted conditions in place of clearing up those they are already dealing with currently. The other point is that someone who self-administers too little human growth hormones will find themselves without any benefits. Instead of providing the relief and vitality that had hoped for, they will alternately believe this treatment does not work, when in all actuality it would provide the proper results if prescribed in the right amount. Only a specially trained HRT (hormone replacement therapy) doctor can truly determine the best dosage for each individual and provide instructions for how to take HGH Injections safely and for optimum results.

How Long Should You Take HGH Injections?

People often wonder how long should you take HGH injections. Due to the fact that each person’s body reacts differently to their deficiency, not to mention that the severity of this hormonal decrease is different for each person based upon how long they have been under this decline, the actual treatment time will vary, as well. A typical therapeutic duration will last approximately six months, with a review taking place after this time that will determine if continued treatment is necessary. There are those who will be ready to let their bodies resume normal production of GH once they use their revitalized energy and stamina to increase their physical exertion and output. Some people will want to continue with their HGH injections to maintain the level of vitality they have achieved. Others will require an additional period of time in order to complete the revitalization and healthfulness process. There is no way of knowing ahead of time how an individual will respond to their therapy, or how much of an active role they will take in their own well-being once they are feeling the tremendous effects of human growth hormones. Only time will tell what this outcome will be, and that is where our medical staff will be of service, as well.

How Often to Take HGH Injections

Every type of medical intervention has its own set course and protocol that should be followed. The same applies to how often to take HGH injections. For most people, the recommended action plan will include daily shots. What this means is that once a day, for approximately six months, one treatment of bioidentical human growth hormones will be self-administered into the body with the tiny insulin needles that diabetics use each day. These shots are virtually painless, and all instructions will be provided for how to proceed with the administration process. Just as GH is secreted throughout each day and night in pulsatile bursts, the introduction of bioidentical HGH must also be on a daily basis for the proper benefits to be received. This will enable the body to respond, in part, by also boosting the production of another key chemical, Insulin Growth Factor 1, which gets its signal from the amount of growth hormone received by the liver each day. Together, IGF-1 and GH play a key role in the regeneration of new cells for all areas of the body.

Best Time of Day to Take HGH Injections

Those inquiring  about the best time of day to take HGH injections will be happy to know that they can self-administer their medication either in the morning or evening hours. The key factor is maintaining a fairly set schedule – which means being consistent with the actual time period followed. It is not, however, recommended that these shots be taken within the few hours before bed as this might interfere with the natural secretion schedule of the pituitary gland. Since a large burst of GH is released during the initial phase of deep sleep, the body might reduce its own production if it senses a large amount of this chemical present at that time. A few hours before bed will be alright for those who desire this type of schedule. Many of our clients who awaken at a fairly regular period each day opt for administering their shots in the morning. Once again, our advisors will assist with the determination as to what type of routine to follow.

What is the Best Place to Inject HGH?

The next area of discussion centers on what is the best place to inject HGH. There are a few different areas of the body that a person can use effectively and safely. Those looking to administer their medication intramuscularly will usually opt for the thighs, upper arms, or buttocks, while those preferring to use the subcutaneous route will choose the abdomen. Most people find this last choice optimal as there is often less discomfort by avoiding the muscles. There is also a school of thought that the medication is utilized at a higher speed when placed below the skin rather than into a muscle. Whether or not this is true does not make much of a difference, as either method will result in effective therapy. When preparing to proceed with HGH injections, it is vital to alternate the area to be used each day. For abdominal placement, proceed either above or below the belly button, alternating sides each day. The other difference when using the stomach for these shots, is that an area of skin will be pinched between the thumb and fingers, and the needle will be inserted at a 30 to 45 degree angle. When the determination of the brand and style of delivery system is chosen, one of our advisors will provide complete written instructions, as well as links to online videos that demonstrate the process from start to finish. They will also offer to walk the individual through the first dose over the phone if desired.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from HGH Injections?

Of course, now comes the area everyone is waiting to learn … how long does it take to see results from HGH injections. This is, after all, the purpose of this therapy. The first noticeable change begins within days of the first shot, and this is an increase in available energy to use during the day. This allows for an increase in productivity both at work and at home as the day is winding down. Within a few weeks, this energy increase is accompanied by an overall improvement in outlook and behavior. As the mood of a person begins to lighten, their demeanor starts to shift. Better sleep is also discovered by this time frame. Sometime during the second month, some noticeable changes will begin to take place in the appearance of the skin as it begins to feel a bit tighter. Also during this month, there may be some noticeable changes in lean muscle tone, gradual weight loss, endurance, night vision, and even improved sexual responses as a result of HGH injections. During the third month of treatment, hair begins to grow in thicker, immune functions begin to strengthen, focus and memory improve, and an overall increase in all previous changes and benefits continue to grow. With each passing month, results will continue to astound, as even hair color may start to return by the end of six months. Overall mood, demeanor, energy, vitality, passion, drive, and productivity will improve. These are the benefits that so many want to achieve when they first learn about adult growth hormone deficiency and its treatment.

How to Administer HGH Growth Hormone Injections – a Summary

In summary, there is much to learn about this subject, whether it is how to administer HGH growth hormone injections, or how long the therapy must continue for in order for the desired results to appear. Many of the questions asked by people when they contact our clinics have been answered here on this page. For those that we have not covered, there are many other pages on this website that can be included in the research phase. There is a link to the sitemap below, which will provide the titles of all the pages that appear. Many are broken into categories to make the search simple and straight forward. Symptoms, signs, testing, treatment, and results are all clearly provided.

For those who were curious about where do you inject HGH injections, we have shown that they can be administered in the abdominal area, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms. Complete instructions and guidance will be available before anyone proceeds with this treatment. This will ensure safety and efficacy across the board. It takes only seconds each day to perform this simple task, and the results are long-lasting and powerful. Working with our doctors provides the comfort and knowledge that experienced professionals are handling the diagnosing and dosage determination. This will allow for maximum benefits to be achieved.

No matter what type of schedule an individual is on, we can help determine what time of day to take HGH injections for maximum effectiveness. If there is a suspicion that a GH deficiency is present, then it is necessary to seek out the advice of a qualified physician. Kingsberg Medical can provide the support and treatment that is required.

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