Reasons Doctors Prescribe HGH

Reasons Doctors Prescribe HGH One can feel better than they ever have before in their adult lives after partaking in a correct, safe and legal hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program with a reputable clinic. Knowing what are the reasons doctors prescribe HGH for their clients is important in order to determine if one will qualify for this remarkable and innovative type of treatment. For decades now, people with low hormonal levels have been able to increase them to rid of the nasty ailments that slow their lives down or even make their lives completely unmanageable. Not everyone with low GH deals with such harsh symptomatology; however, for those who do, HRT can vastly turn things around for the better. People can once again feel and act as they were when they were producing abundant amounts of growth hormones which kept them strong, healthy and happy. The decline in hormone production and the symptoms that occur can be a very slow process or it can happen rather quickly. The amount of time until a person feels troubled will all depend upon the person’s body chemistry. Getting an HGH prescription in the US is not a difficult process, but it does take some time and diligence. Therefore, it is best practice to commit to finding a good clinic and feeling well again as soon as symptoms are felt. When people wait until their symptoms have become insurmountable, they have suffered way too long. It is never too late though to begin treatment, but why feel terribly when it can be prevented with early intervention? Prospective clients are strongly advised to do their research and reach out to a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical as soon as possible once they begin to feel as though their bodies are not acting right. This could also help with longevity of life by helping to stop some fatal diseases such as coronary heart issues, stroke or diabetes. These are some serious medical reasons to take HGH because with hormonal deficiencies can come high “bad” cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels. Getting these conditions controlled right away can help avoid some very serious medical problems from occurring.

What Causes Growth Hormone Deficiency In Adults?

So many understand and know firsthand what the symptoms of low GH feels like and how it can affect their lives, but they may not know why it happens. What causes growth hormone deficiency in adults? There are several reasons why a person’s GH levels may dwindle. As one gets on in years, the pituitary gland, which is mainly responsible for the production of this specific hormone slows down. There has not been any medical advancements that can keep this gland working as it did when a person was younger. Therefore, it will produce less of the vital chemical compound needed to keep the body looking and feeling young and vibrant as the years pass. A person does not have to suffer; however, with the ill symptoms of not having enough growth hormone flowing through the system. With the advancements in HRT over the years, it has never been safer or more effective. The reasons for growth hormone prescription to be written to help with the symptomatology of low GH by an online HRT clinic are simple: the person must be dealing with a growth hormone deficiency as clinically determined by blood work. Insulin like growth factor (IGF – 1) is what will be tested in the blood specifically. By knowing this range, doctors can determine how much medication will be needed. The right dosage is important to precisely replace what is missing from the body so that it can function properly and at optimal performance as it did before growth hormones were lost. Most patients of HRT start feeling better, have more energetic and feel increasingly alive within the first week of the therapeutic process. What are the reasons for HGH therapy? The reasons are different than the symptoms because dealing with the kind of ailments caused by aging can be very similar to what a person will feel when experiencing a slowed pituitary. However, a person must have a hormone deficiency in order to be eligible for therapy. These are some of the symptoms: Physical:
  • exhaustion
  • lethargy
  • low bone density
  • an increase in visible cellulite
  • excess weight gain around the abdomen area
  • loss of muscle mass
  • a slowed metabolism
  • a weak immune system
  • hot flashes
  • wounds that do not heal quickly
  • difficulty sleeping
  • hair loss
  • inability to grow nails
  • poor skin elasticity
  • forgetfulness
  • lack of memory
  • difficulty concentrating
  • inability to focus well
  • erectile dysfunction
  • inability to fantasize
  • lack of sexual desire
  • loss of libido
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • moodiness
  • irritability
  • poor attitude
  • fearfulness of the future
Once again, if the above ailments are caused by a lack of growth hormone being produced within the system and a deficiency is found through blood work, these are the reasons a doctor would prescribe HGH. A physician will also require a patient to get a physical examination and to fill out a medical history form. This way the professional will have all the information needed to make a very accurate diagnosis and be able to prescribe the best medication and the proper dosage for optimal results.
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How To Get HGH Prescribed By A Doctor

A woman in her 60’s was very unhappy and reluctant to even leave her home due to how poorly she physically felt. She turned off all of her friends and family with her poor attitude and constant irritability. Her husband of the same age was given the advice that learning how to get HGH prescribed by a doctor from a local online clinic could help not only her, but him as well. He was feeling lethargic with bodily aches and pains of his own, but dealt with them as he gave most of his support to his wife. However, it had gotten to a point where he did not know how to handle her any longer. The end of the story is a wonderful one where both the husband and wife participated in HRT at the same time, each with their own individualized treatment plan. The results were life changing and the wife found herself excited to take on the activities she once loved, including new hobbies and the husband felt stronger and more alive as well. They even ignited their romantic relationship in the bedroom when the husband no longer had to deal with erectile dysfunction. After sharing these results with a close couple they has been friends with for years, they were asked by the husband, how can I get a doctor to prescribe HGH? Personal testimonials from actual patients of HRT are the best word of mouth for this kind of therapy. Speaking with someone who has undergone treatment with injections and changing lifestyle habits can truly help one to decide whether or not they should pursue this kind of therapy themselves. One hundred percent pure, 191 amino acid sequence medications have been called “miracles” by those who have turned their lives around by dedicating themselves to a program that has been under scrutiny for many years. A plethora of research studies have been published in some of the most prominent medical journals in the world. They speak to the efficacy of HRT and how voluntary subjects with hormonal deficiencies benefited from the correct amounts of the right injectable medications. These subjects are the reasons doctors prescribe HGH. With this kind of research out there in popular medical journals, more doctors understand the immeasurable value that this kind of therapy gives to those in need.

What Are The Medical Reasons For Taking HGH?

A GH deficiency that is acquired during adulthood can be structural, trauma or idiopathic. There are different reasons a person may experience a slowed pituitary gland. What are the medical reasons for taking HGH? A person can experience a pituitary tumor, which causes the problem or it can happen from the natural course of aging. The number one test taken to determine if the deficiency is present in growth hormone levels is testing the IGF – 1 levels in the blood. No matter what the reason is for the depletion; however, the overall determination whether HRT is permissible, legal and safe for a particular patient is if they have a clinically determined GH deficiency. The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism has many articles that state that low dose HRT can reverse neuropsychiatric-cognitive, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal abnormalities caused by missing GH. HRT can reverse these issues as proven in many a research study. Lancet shared that premature mortality can be due to cardiovascular disease that occurs from low GH. As research continues to find out what causes growth hormone deficiency in adults, more people can continuously benefit from studies that prove that the chemical compounds that become lost with age are directly correlated with higher cholesterol levels and higher triglyceride levels that lead to cardiovascular issues, diabetes and stroke. Osteoporosis is also a very huge indicator of brittle bones caused by lack of enough GH in the system. Balancing out low growth hormone levels and bringing them up to where they need to be can easily give a person with high cholesterol, for instance many more years of life that they would not have had otherwise if it were not for HRT. High bad cholesterol could ultimately lead to heart attack or stroke, which can limit the length of a person’s existence. This is only one of the most important medical reasons to take HGH and if a person is dealing with a deficiency has high cholesterol, therapy will most likely reduce those levels and allow a person to have a healthy heart. That alone has its own plethora of advantages.

Getting An HGH Prescription In The US

The government of the United States keeps close tabs on those distributing, selling and purchasing human growth hormone medications. Their purpose is to keep people safe, not to make getting an HGH prescription in the US a difficult process. With the amount of fraudulent medications being imported from countries overseas, many people are getting sick and having very dangerous and scary side effects after using inauthentic and tainted so called “pure” medications. Pure HGH is made of a 191 amino acid sequence. It is a large protein molecule that is very specific in shape and structure. The 192 amino acid sequences are constantly made for much cheaper, but they are not completely pure and should never be used knowingly. Contaminated medication can lead to many negative side effects and even ones that can be life threatening. This is why it is against the law to partake in HRT without having the proper testing completed and getting a prescription from a licensed physician specializing in this kind of medicine. People need to know the honest way how to get HGH prescribed by a doctor, especially when there are so many scandalous people and clinics on the market simply trying to make a profit at the expense of a human being’s health. These scam artists do not care about anything but making money. They can put up a website one day and take it down the next after leaving its victims with fake product and no medical supervision or uniquely formed treatment plans. An article put out by CNN news stated that the penalty for distributing or using HGH without a prescription can be up to a $250,000 fine and even time spent in prison. Not even this kind of consequence will stop very determined scammers. Consumers need to be very aware of the people with whom they work. Kingsberg Medical makes it very clear what the reasons for growth hormone prescription to be written are and will not work with any person who is not experiencing a clinically low hormone deficiency. This is the only kind of clinic that should be used; one that is honest, trustworthy and has a successful track record of helping scores of people every year to become the happy and healthy individuals that they wish to be.

How Can I Get A Doctor To Prescribe HGH?

One of the most difficult parts of beginning a HRT program is taking that very first step. Many people are not completely educated as to what the process involves and this can make them apprehensive to picking up the phone to ask how can I get a doctor to prescribe HGH for me? It takes an immense amount of courage and strength to firstly admit that one has a problem and secondly, to actually take action to do something about it. Because so many people are afraid of the unknown and taking injections, they may miss out on a type of treatment that is actually extremely safe when done correctly, with the right professionals and with the right medications at the correct dosages. Once that first phone call is made, rapport is almost instantaneously formed between the professionals at Kingsberg Medical and the client who calls in through the toll free phone number to speak to them. Advisors are trained to be completely knowledgeable about all aspects of HRT and the reasons a doctor would prescribe HGH. They are completely understanding and compassionate and have a good sense of what it is like to live with the horrible symptoms of low GH levels. They will share what the testing process is like and even set up the appointment for the patient to get their blood work sampled and their physical examination completed. Medical history forms can be filled out online from home. After testing is completed, advisors are available for more questions or concerns as therapy begins, takes place, and commences. They teach things including how to live a healthy lifestyle with such habits as getting the correct amount of sleep, eating the correct foods, exercising enough and they teach the importance of staying away from stress, smoking and high amounts of alcoholic consumption. They will share that not living a healthy life can reverse what are the reasons for HGH therapy. This is why it is so important to treat one’s body correctly. Since all humans are unique, they will begin the therapeutic process of HRT for different reasons. The one thing in common that they all share is having a hormonal deficiency; however, their symptomatology may be vastly different. One person may be on the brink of developing osteoporosis and needs to increase their GH in order to strengthen their bone mineral density. Another person may not be dealing with that issue, but have hair loss, weight gain and depression. Another person may be experiencing lethargy with terrible bodily aches and pains on a daily basis. Their cholesterol levels may have skyrocketed and they may be in danger of coronary heart failure. What are the medical reasons for taking HGH? Everything just mentioned is a by product of having low growth hormone levels. The extent of how many symptoms and the severity of symptomatology will always vary amongst each individual, but HRT can treat them all.