Top HGH Brands

Top HGH Brands

So many people give up on their goals and dreams after they reach a certain age over 30. Why? They may start to feel achy, lethargic, emotional spent, weak, unhealthy and often depressed. What they may not know is that the top HGH brands of medication can truly make a colossal difference in the way they not only feel, but in how they look too. The right hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic can help a person to figure out if they are dealing with a growth hormone deficiency and then aid them to turn their faulty thinking (based on very real symptomotology) that they can no longer be energetic and strong to believing that they can. How? The proof will be highly apparent when they begin using the best brands of HGH injections. All have been clinically tested and proven through usage in clinical trials and studies with thousands of subjects to be effective, safe and life changing. What are the types of medications that are used here in the United States to help people to transform their lives? Look for these names when interviewing an HRT clinic about what kinds of injections they use:

  • Omnitrope
  • Saizen
  • Humatrope
  • Norditropin
  • Genotropin

These are all the best HGH brands available on the market within the US and are manufactured by only top pharmaceutical companies. These very large enterprises have all been in business making some of the world’s most important medications for years. Human growth hormone medications are all made in very strict and controlled environments that are conductive to producing the best products on the market.

Top 10 HGH Brands

Most products sold on the market from medications to hair care products come in different brands. The same holds true for human growth hormones. The top 10 HGH brands may not be sold by all clinics, but one can rest assured that they will only get the best; one of the medications on that top 10 list made by top enterprises. That is, when they use a reputable clinic such as Kingsberg Medical. For an example, the manufacturing company that makes the high quality injections of Omnitrope is Sandoz. Sandoz is considered to be a world leader in generic pharmaceuticals. Generics can often be equally as powerful as the very top real HGH brands, such as Omnitrope is, but will be much more affordable. This holds true with other human growth hormone medications as well. Sandoz is one of the companies that make life changing medications less costly and more easily attainable for over 90 percent of the people in the world. It sets extremely high standards for its production by using only the most superlative experts in the most sensitive environments to develop these complex medicines to ensure patient safety and product efficacy. If a clinic is considered to be popular and one of the best with unique testimonials that speak of clients’ amazing experiences with their human growth hormone best brands, one can most likely feel comfortable using them. The key is to do the necessary research before beginning an HRT program. Make sure the above listed medication brands are only the only ones used for therapy. They must be prescribed by a licensed doctor and the program must come with complete medical supervision.

What Are the Best HGH Brands?

Hormone replacement therapy can be so life altering that it is imperative that any client undergoing this kind of treatment be fully educated as to the process and as to the medications used. It is paramount to know what are the best HGH brands of injections so that one is sure that they are only using the most top quality, safe and legal types. Eli Lilly is another manufacturing enterprise that has been producing the best for over 135 years. The company is dedicated to continuing to discover and develop innovative medicines that make significant improvements to global health as they have in the past and well into the 21st century and beyond. Humatrope is the human growth hormone medication that is created in Eli Lilly research laboratories. HRT is one of the most innovative therapies for many patient’s unmet medical needs. That means that general practitioners many times overlook GH deficiencies as the cause of the symptoms that their patients present to them. Eli Lilly understands the importance of producing the best brands of HGH and providing continuing scientific support for HRT treatment of hormonal deficiencies for adults over 30. Humatrope is approved for growth hormone deficiency in adults and is available in pen form (HumatroPen® injection device) or in vials for use with a syringe and needle. One can find videos (as recommended by the professionals at their clinic) that clearly demonstrate how to prepare the medication and how to self administer it as well. Advisors at the chosen clinic should also be readily available during business hours for help over the phone to those in need. All HGH top brands have dedicated websites that clients can review as well to get more information on the medications that they will be using if they partake in HRT. The advisors should give patients all the information that they will need; however, it never hurts to do extra research to get as fully educated as possible. Educated consumers are usually the ones who will receive the most advantages from therapy and have the best experiences as they follow their doctor’s orders.

The Best HGH Brands

The prescribing doctor for patients who have been approved for HRT will determine what the best HGH brands are for their clients to use. They will do this by thoroughly analyzing blood work, exam results and a person’s medical history. All of these elements are necessary in order to get a legal prescription, as human growth hormone medications are highly controlled substances by the US government. Saizen is a very sought after medicine for HRT therapy. It is manufactured by the company Serono and comes in a couple of methods. One is an easypod® for very quick, efficient, sterile and easy administration. Adult patients over 30 are prescribed this somatropin rDNA for injections when indications lead to the need for replacement for a growth hormone deficiency. This is just one of the many HGH injections brands that will be prescribed if the doctor in charge feels that it is the best match for the patient’s body and needs. Many reviews of this medication by those who have had it prescribed said that they reaped amazing benefits while on it. In general, one should know that sources have shared that there is no such thing as HGH best brands. What does this mean? The substance as it is produced is either real growth hormone (somatropin) or it is an imitation. Overall, these medications when authentically created are large molecules that are very fragile and comprised of 191 amino acids that are linked in a very specific order. They are also shaped into a very exact form; hence, the medications cannot be mistaken for being fraudulent.

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HGH Brands And Prices

When shopping for the right clinic to use for hormone replacement therapy needs, please understand that HGH brands and prices will be determined by the prescribing doctor and clinic, not the patient.  Taking human growth hormone as a supplement, enhancer or booster via sprays, drops, pills, pellets or patches is useless. Multiple sources all over the Internet and storefronts try to sell them; however, they have been proven time and again to be nothing but a marketing scam which is used by what people have called “supplement pushers.” The real and authentic growth hormone molecule is way too fragile to exist in its correct form in normal room temperatures. It cannot be shaken either. When one learns about how to prepare their top HGH brands medication vials, they will be told not to shake the mixture vigorously, but to role the vial within the hands. This is demonstrated in a video put out by Kingsberg Medical. In addition, no medications ever reach the air. They are in sealed vials and are removed with sterile syringes. Patches for instance contain formula that is too big to pass through the skin. Most of these cheap forms of so-called HGH medications have fine print on their labels which consumers often do not read. They state clearly that there is no actual growth hormone in the product. They call it a “growth hormone promoter” and say that it is supposed to help the body to produce its own necessary body chemicals. The cliché that shares, “You get what you pay for” is often so true. HGH brands names may end up being more costly than supplements or enhancers, but they are real and will do the job they are supposed to do without negative side effects. These medications can only be gotten with a physician’s prescription and will only come in injection form. The other option is to waste money on formulas that will not work.

HGH Brands Compare

The high quality human growth hormone medications used for HRT are pretty identical in make-up and there are some definite differences that set them apart from other medicines that people call HGH. When looking to HGH brands compare, there are several things to take into consideration. A compound can either be real and have a 191 amino acid sequence (called somatropin) or it can be a copycat that can cause very uncomfortable side effects if it is a 192 amino acid sequence (called (somatrem). Any medications that are purchased after testing is done and a doctor’s prescription is written are most likely at a higher price, but one knows of what it is made. Purchasing from the black market without a prescription can lead to many problems including having no idea what is really being bought. Is it counterfeit or real will always be a question one will ask. When they see no results or start having bad side effects, it will be too late. HGH prescription brands can be guaranteed to be pure and high quality when purchased in the right way through a reputable clinic. Getting cheap medications means they were cheaply made. That is not good news. Low cost manufacturing will not ensure that the formulas are produced in the right fashion under the correct conditions. Medications can contain bacterial residue and be harmful to its users. There are very different quality and purity values in the chemical compounds made in the USA or Europe as opposed to in the countries of India, Korea, China, etc. in Asia. Popular HGH brands can come in either liquid form or frozen dried powder form. The former is very sensitive to room temperature and is very fragile, so it cannot be shaken. The latter is the kind that is most suitable for shipping purposes all over the world. People are often warned to never purchase liquid form of injections from the black market as there is no way to know how it was handled before bought. Only buy with a doctor’s prescription. Make sure vials do not look relabeled. This often happens when they are not bought from a reputable clinic. Scammers lower the prices to entice customers. They can only do that because they know the solution is not real; however, the client does not know it and they can get very easily taken. Lastly, some interesting HGH brands information is that different types of these real medications can come dosed differently within their vials. The dosage in the vial does not really matter as long as the price per IU is correct. Vials can come in 4IU, 10IU, 12IU and 40IU depending upon which medication is prescribed. A person will only take the amount that is physician prescribed and the syringes allow for clear and accurate measuring.

Human Growth Hormone Injections Brands

How does one know if what they bought for HRT is real or not? A person will never be in doubt of the authenticity of the human growth hormone injections brands they are using if they purchase them from reputable clinics that have licensed doctors who follow the strict law on prescribing these kinds of controlled substances. However, if a person is in doubt, there are several tests that can determine if bio-identical injections are genuine. First of all, a growth hormone lab analysis will test for real 191 amino acid sequence somatropin. It is not a cheap test to have taken, but it could be the difference between using real or counterfeit medications. Another way to test for bona fide injections is with an HGH serum test. It is not as expensive as the first mentioned way to test, but it takes more time. If you want to check for the realness of growth hormone injections brands, this is how it works:

  1. The client gets his or her blood HGH serum tested
  2. He or she injects the medication in the amount of 4IU
  3. They wait 3 hours and then repeat the same HGH blood serum test

If the medication is real, the second test result will show a major increase in the person’s serum level. The issue with testing in this way is that a person’s levels will be different depending upon the time of day. That is why when a person is first tested by a doctor to see what their IGF-1 levels read to check for a deficiency, they usually do the testing more than one time. This is the same kind of situation. In order to know if HGH brands in US are what they should be, things such as dosage of injection, timing of shot, what the person eats and the levels of amino acids in the body at the time of testing should be taken into consideration. Keep in mind too that this test only looks for whether or not the formula is real and not how strong it is or of what kind of quality it is.

Injectable HGH Brands

An IGF-1 test is also a good way to check for true human growth hormones and it is done just like the serum testing. Some other ways to assess for real injectable HGH brands is to see if a person gets painful red colored welts at the injection site. This could mean (but not all the time) that there is a lot of bacterial residue in the shot and that is a clear indicator of it being very low grade somatropin or somatrem. This is very dangerous for the body and can cause problems that could even lead the body to resist producing its own growth hormone at all. Again, one wants to only use the 191 amino acid sequence and not the 192 amino acid sequence. There is a huge difference – one is real and the other is not. Some people may develop welts after one injection even when the medication is authentic. This is why they often will try it a second time before believing the medication is fake. However, if welts develop again, they should stop the injections immediately and have the formula tested. The best HGH brands 2013 are Omnitrope from Sandoz, Saizen from Serono, Humatrope from Eli Lilly, Genotropin from Pfizer and Norditropin from Novo Nordisk. They have so many proven successful results that people are learning these names. Those who are educated about HRT know what to look for when approaching a hormone replacement clinic. Education is the key to eliminating the terrible symptoms that plague people in their later years of life due to a depletion of their growth hormones.

HGH Brands Reviews

Testimonials. This is one of the best ways to find out what an experience was like for another person before trying what they have done. HGH brands reviews are great for seeing what kinds of advantages and benefits people reap when they partake in hormone replacement therapy. It is one way to get inside of a person’s world to understand how they felt while taking injections, how the staff at a clinic treated them and what their results were at the end of treatment. Here are some of the amazing results patients shared receiving from HRT:

  • Baby smooth skin, less wrinkles and a more youthful appearance overall
  • Deeper sleep at night (some sources say that a person can go to sleep at night and wake in the morning in the same position, not having moved for 8 hours)
  • Improved immune system
  • More stamina when working out and less time needed to recover from a workout
  • Increased metabolism
  • Fat burns off (very fast at the beginning of therapy especially)
  • Much more lean muscle

The best HGH injection brands can help a person with:

  • Increased sex drive and interest in romance (increased fantasies have been reported)
  • More energy to stay strong throughout the entire day
  • Sharpened mental acuity with great ability to concentrate, remember and focus
  • Better eyesight
  • Growth of hair and nails
  • Stronger bones to avoid osteoporosis
  • Improved hearing
  • Faster recovery from injuries, wounds and burns

A few more of the amazing results from treatment with good HGH brands are:

  • Cardiac output is greater
  • Cells and tissues regenerate faster
  • All organs of the body grow including the brain
  • Blood pressure becomes improved
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels lower into normal range for a person’s age, weight, etc.
  • Risk of coronary heart issues and diabetes lessens

With the right prescription and medical supervision from a licensed practitioner and advisors who care, great change in life can happen at any age over 30.

Prescription HGH Brands

A person’s levels of naturally produced growth hormone in their bodies will innately decrease by one half every ten years, according to sources. It has been said that prescription HGH brands certainly do help the body to function well once a person reaches their later years. This is  when their body barely produces enough of the hormone to keep the metabolism going and the person from becoming a walking zombie. The bottom line is that as the body declines in age, so does its hormonal levels. However, there is help – HRT – and it has been proven to be successful in not only testimonials from those who have taken and are taking hormone replacement therapy medications, but in journal published articles from highly reputable doctors and establishments as well. As for American HGH brands, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, confirmed through their study the efficacy of replacement therapy medication in growth hormone deficient adults. They found that treatment had a great effect on body composition, metabolism and general well being for their subjects. This helped to keep the rate of hospitalizations and sick days down for them and they felt stronger and healthier overall on a daily basis. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine – American College of Physicians proved that six months of treatment with the right most popular HGH brands increased lean tissue mass and decreased fat mass. Different studies are consistently coming out that prove that HRT works and that it works well. With the necessary elements in place such as the right prescription, medical supervision and a client who is committed to the process, success reigns.

Different HGH Brands

There are many varying medications that are used for hormone replacement therapy. Once a patient is tested properly by a reputable clinic such as Kingsberg Medical, the doctor will choose the best from the different HGH brands currently on the market. The “best” is the medication that will work the most magic for the person depending upon their needs. Thanks to HRT, people have the ability to live to a higher chronological age, but function at a younger age. That means that they will be able to feel stronger, more vibrant, healthier and more vivacious for much longer than people did in the past century before HRT became known. People are getting married later these days, having children at later ages, exercising more, enjoying travel, physical activities, sex  and life overall well into their golden years now. The great list of HGH brands has a lot to do with that. Biologically, humans begin aging at approximately anywhere from the ages of 25 to 30. This is when hormone levels start depleting and negative effects begin to surface. Lethargy kicks in, emotional instability, depression, bone loss, decreased mental cognition and so many other ailments including some life threatening ones can occur. Preventable heart conditions due to high cholesterol levels can be controlled as levels decrease into a person’s normal range. Remember, when trying to find out what are the different brands of HGH that can help to keep a person healthy and strong, turn only to reputable clinics that are highly regarded and share open and honest testimonials. This is one’s best chance of getting the right treatment for an amazing existence.