Growth Hormone Therapy – What is it?

Growth Hormone Therapy – What is it?

Growth Hormone Therapy – what is it and how do you know if you need it? These questions pop up everywhere these days. HGH injections are used to treat conditions associated with reduced production of the chemical compound known as growth hormone.

Many people associate this treatment with children who are having difficulty reaching their proper adult height. It seems as though many people these days know of at least one adolescent who is taking nightly injections to help them fit in with their peer group and achieve a comfortable height. There is another unique side to growth hormone therapy.

Adults can also experience a deficiency in this important chemical, making it necessary for them to also receive treatment for this condition. In this case, the goal is not correcting insufficient height, but instead restoring balance to a body that is out-of-whack, so to speak.

What happens to a person experiencing this condition can be quite unsettling, and even debilitating at times. For those who take a great deal of pride in their appearance, the onset of wrinkles, sagging skin, grey hair, receding hairlines, cellulite, muscle loss, and weight gain can have a dramatic effect on mood and demeanor. These commonly associated signs of aging have actually been linked to reduced growth hormone secretion.While these symptoms may be unsettling, there are far worse side effects of this deficiency that may come into fruition. Memory loss, poor concentration, and fatigue can all have a profound impact on productivity at work.

In some cases, the lack of energy is so extreme that the person may have difficulty making it through the day. Poor immune system functions can bring illness upon illness, with longer recuperation times making it difficult to get back in the swing of things. So how do you know if this treatment is right for you?

Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults

Take a look at how your life is today and compare it to how you looked and felt when you were in your twenties. Have things changed dramatically or hardly at all? Growth hormone replacement therapy in adults is geared towards restoring the vitality and well-being felt during earlier years, and bringing it back to whatever age you are at right now. Does this mean that a person who is seventy-five years old can look twenty-five again? No, however, it does mean that they can easily look ten to twenty years younger than they are today.

They can also feel that way, as well. Perhaps this sounds a bit like the Fountain of Youth everyone has been searching for over the centuries. Unfortunately, HGH cannot stop time, but it can restore a sense of vibrancy to anyone over thirty whose body is not responding in a way they would like. Does this mean that anyone in their thirties or beyond can get this treatment? It is not as simple as that. There are growth hormone therapy side effects that can come into play if this medication is taken by someone whose body does not need it. What this means is that only those with a verifiable deficiency should purchase and use HGH injections. Legitimate medical doctors that specialize in HRT – hormone replacement therapy – would never prescribe this medication to someone whose blood test results do not show a deficiency. This is dangerous and illegal.

The growth hormone therapy cost is usually not covered by insurance and, therefore, purchasing it when it is not needed is also an unnecessary expense. Those who want to use it for illegal reasons such as sport or body building enhancement are putting their endocrine system at risk. If a dose of HGH is given to a person who does not need it, there is a chance that the body will cease its own natural production. That is why it is vital to work with experienced doctors who can properly correct hormonal imbalances.

Growth Hormone Therapy Benefits

Are you wondering what your growth hormone therapy benefits would be if you were to be diagnosed with a deficiency and begin treatment? On the outward side of the list you will find improved skin tone and firmness, virtually erasing the appearance of sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Imagine a life with no more crow’s feet! Thicker hair with the possibility of the original color returning after six months of treatment is a plus for many people tired of spending a small fortune on hair dyes, conditioners, mousse, and other volumizing products. Weight loss and a stronger, well-toned physique are possible when muscle size increases and excess pounds and cellulite begin to vanish.

Turning inward, sharper mental processes, improved cardiac functions, sharper eyesight, and lower cholesterol substantially improve health and productivity. Stronger immunity functions mean fewer colds and quicker recovery time from illness and injury. Improved libido and functions benefit physical relationships. Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis increases life enjoyment. Mood and outlook brighten, as well. These are the reasons why so many people across the country are turning to us for help discovering if a growth hormone deficiency is the cause of many of their concerns. When prescribed by an experienced doctor, HGH injections can have profound life-changing effects. Imagine waking up each day refreshed and ready to take on the world. Abundant energy can make anything seem possible.

What is the Cost of Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

The final area we will cover on this page is what is the cost of human growth hormone therapy? There are websites online that quote prices for things such as HGH pills, HGH drops, or HGH sprays, however, none of those are actually real HGH products. These are homeopathic formulations that contain a wide assortment of amino acids and vitamins and, unfortunately, by the time they are ingested, the digestive enzymes are already at work destroying them. HGH injections, on the other hand, are not a one size fits all type of treatment. The dosage prescribed will be personalized for each individual’s needs based upon the findings of the blood test.

There are a number of different possibilities for brand choice and type of needle system that will be used. Each one has a different price. In order to determine how much does growth hormone therapy cost for any one individual, our advisors will first require the doctor’s prescription, which we provide. At that point, all different options will be provided, along with their costs. This makes it easy to choose the brand and type of injectable that best fits into your budget and needs. Our goal at Kingsberg Medical is to provide the highest care of service while maintaining the lowest prices possible. The simple testing and diagnosing process we have in place allows anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to work with our professional medical staff to correct a hormonal imbalance.

We have local laboratories and clinics across the country ready to perform the necessary blood tests and physical examination. If you suspect that a growth hormone deficiency may be affecting your life and well-being, give us a call today. We are here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

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