Get a Prescription for Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone Therapy Prescription

Hormone replacement for adults is big business, but not every offer of treatment is a safe or legitimate one. That is just one of the reasons why it is essential to get a progesterone therapy prescription before embarking on treatment for declining progesterone levels.

The next reason to contact a doctor is that there is no way of knowing if progesterone therapy is even necessary without running a blood test to check progesterone levels in the bloodstream. There are many different types of hormones in the body, and a deficit in some of them can easily mimic that of another. The only way to ensure that the proper treatment is being prescribed is through blood analysis by an accredited laboratory.

A prescription for progesterone therapy will also show what dosage a person is required to administer on a daily basis. Although the risk of an accidental overdose of progesterone is lower than that of other types of hormone replacement, it is still important to get exactly what is needed to restore hormonal balance in the body.

Finally, not all progesterone is created equal, and it is just as easy to waste money on an inferior product as it is to get real progesterone therapy. Working with a knowledgeable doctor will ensure that the best treatment is provided.

Where to Get a Progesterone Therapy Prescription

The best way to get a prescription for progesterone therapy is to contact a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. HRT experts are familiar with the various types of hormones in the body and how they affect and interact with one another.

Maintaining the delicate balance of hormone levels is crucial, as one such chemical decline can greatly impact the production of other hormones, as well as essential bodily functions.

Some people look to buy progesterone and other types of hormone replacement products off of the internet or from store shelves. This is not a wise move, and only a doctor can determine, through blood analysis, what type or types of treatment should be used.

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