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Kingsberg Medical is proud to be an industry leader in providing the best possible service to its clients. Consultations are always free of charge at this remarkable clinic. Before, during, or after a course of treatment, simply make a phone call or drop an email to be connected to our professional medical staff, and get questions answered immediately. There is no other doctor’s office of this kind in the US which does not charge for professional consultations. We believe that individuals have a right to accurate information, and we do everything we can to make this possible.

The initial consultation might include discussing symptoms, such as lethargy, weight gain, lowered stamina, high blood pressure, mental fogginess, saggy skin, hair loss, and low sex drive. Medical advisors can schedule blood tests and physical exams at your convenience at a local clinic near your home or office. There is a charge for those tests, but there is never a charge to talk to a professional and determine if you are on the right track. The blood test and physical exam will be added to your complete medical history form so that our doctor may determine the nature of the hormone deficiency causing your symptoms. Many men and women experience low growth hormone levels and testosterone deficiencies without ever realizing that they have a problem which can be easily solved. It is not a problem that is a normal part of growing older, as many members of the medical community say.

Professional consultation from our medical advisors

Doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, will review the details of your current hormonal situation and determine the best course of action to bring back the energy and exuberance you had back in your twenties. Kingsberg Medical’s doctors will only prescribe medication for a person who has a verified deficiency and is need of corrective measures. We understand that talking about HRT and the world of hormones and testosterone can be very confusing, however, it is our mission to be sure that anyone who wants accurate information can receive it … simply by picking up the phone. During all normal business hours, a medical advisor is available to answer questions and discuss the many details involved in this important decision. This valuable advice is always free of charge.

You can get your free hormone replacement therapy consultation with Kingsberg Medical’s expert staff members. Your call will be confidential, and your privacy is guaranteed. HRT has created wonderful changes in many people’s lives, restoring their energy and stamina, sex drive and mental acuity, among other things. When is it your turn? We say … Now! Youth need not be wasted on the young any longer. Fill the form belong and GET FREE CONSULTATION NOW.

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